Although the Automotive industry has gained good amount of sales in the beginning of this year i.e. 2015, the industry is still focusing more on some major factors to boost their sales and meet the client expectations. There are so many companies now in the automotive industry and competition is quit high now days. To compete with your competitor you have to be updated, meet your customer requirements, to ensure you growth. 

For this the companies have to focus on just simple 3 parameters
•    Flexibility regarding Consumer demand
•    Increasing your data and information
•    Expanding and updating regularly

These factor includes huge risk and equally increases your opportunities to grow in the automotive industry. You just have to prioritize some industry imperatives to meet your goals which are
•    Prioritize Suppler
•    Prioritize Dealers
•    OEM Priorities (Original equipment manufacturer)

All these above mentioned factors will definitely help in your growth or your automotive industry as per the 2014