Hero Honda Karizma

Back to the Hero Honda Karizma

Back to the Hero Honda Karizma

For many years, i was riding alone.

My ride was a good old Royal Enfield (More than 30 years old with a few Engine mods) and a Yamaha RX100 (Around 20 years old with a few engine mods).

When i first met my lady it was good to know that she was into bikes and user to ride a RX100 in her college time.

She did not mind us riding around on the RX100. But she was not very happy about the Bullet.

Still we went ahead and kept on riding around in and around Delhi on the Bullet and the Tiny RX100 (I am 6 feet 1 Inch and used to weight around 100KG).

Things took a Turn when i was introduced to a Pulsar 220 by my Mrs. (Then Girlfriend).

I was so happy with the move though DIL was still moving back to the good old unreliable Bullet and the nippy RX.

We started riding around more on the 220, did a few intercity trips,

I loved the Millage and the Power + the comfort, it did take me some time to get used to the riding position. Loved the fact that i was not hurting my spin now.

But the happiness did not last too long. The bike did just 12000 Km and was stolen.

Back to the basics again. Did not feel like buying another bike.

In July 2012, 3 couples decided to do a little trip to Spitti.

1 couple was riding a Hero Honda Karizma.

2 Couple was riding a Hero Honda Karizma (Fi)

3 We were planning to do it on the Bullet. (Mrs. did not like it)

We did a trial run to Kasauli from Delhi.

All went fine i was able to keep up with the Karizmas on a constant speed of 90-95 on the highway with a good millage of 32 KMPL.

But when we got to the hills it was a different story all together. The bike lost the power.

It was getting tough to climb the hills.

Situation become worst when we got to the Guesthouse at Kasauli and the bike would not climb the steep Road that was leading to the main road.

We left the bike there and headed out on foot.

Next morning we met Akshay from Ambala he is on this forum.

I was still being not sure how the bike is going to climb the steep climb. But Akshay tried it and got through in one go.

Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma

I was being laughed at i was a BIG LOL. (Though the issue was diagnosed that the Clutch was too much heated to transfer)

Now in the time being the night before we all had a discussion and came to a conclusion that we will just use the Karizma that was lying around with Couple 2.

This Karizma was not used for almost a year and was barely running. It took me a month to do it up and get it back up and running so that i can do the Spiti trip. Mrs. loved the comfortable seat.

And the Trip went amazing.

After this i had planned to get a Bike that can take me places again.

We looked into a DUKE and Mrs. was adamant that it should not make way to our Home. Cause she was not comfortable.

Long story short. When i was in UK my friend calls me and tells that there is a Karizma which is used by a friend and he is heading back to his home country.

I did not want to wait and ponder upon it. I asked him to but the bike.

The running gear is good. Some of the panels are bad in shape. Over the entire bike is good.

So now i am owner of a Karizma again.

I have some photos for you.

This is how the bike looked when i got it.

We will bring it back to good shape and i will keep you updated.

Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma
Hero Honda Karizma

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