As the weekend begins to unfold in the world of Formula One racing, all eyes are set on Baku’s city circuit in Azerbaijan for the next race of the European Grand Prix. With the race scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, June 19, fans are in for a special treat as this race is sure to live up to the hype.

The details of the race show a circuit length of 6 kilometers or over 3.5 miles, where drivers will race 305 kilometers or about 190 miles in total. This event will be nothing short of memorable for fans, as 30,000 people will get as close as they can to root on their favorite drivers. The circuit is projected to be the fastest and longest in the world, starting near Azadliq Square, coming back towards Government House and then on to Maiden Tower.

With Azerbaijan’s rich culture and history at the focal point of the race, spectators must be sure not to miss the historic Sabayil Castle right in the middle of the race. With all the excitement for the race this weekend, there are many that fear there are still major safety concerns on this track. Multiple curbs on the circuit have come loose during the first practice cutting the tires on some cars. There has been a temporary solution in place for the second practice; however, the underlying issue still remains. The Formula One officials are confident that they can solve this safety issue. You can watch all the drama of the race on BBC Sports live.