How many times you were in a situation when you had a flat tire? This affects everybody. Even if you have the brand new car, you can be in this situation. In many cases, the reason why this happens are nails or some piece of metal that damages a tire and air ‘’get away’’ from it. There are some solutions that can help you to fix this problem, like adding chemical into the tire, but they are not always effective. Anyway, you will have to change a tire.

1.    For security reason always pull your parking brake.
2.    Find your spare wheel and jack. Usually they are located in the trunk, under the fiber or cover. You will also have to find a cross wrench.
3.    Loosen the nuts. Depending on your car, you will see from 4 up to 6 nuts. Remember that you must loosen them slightly, don’t remove them completely.
4.    Place a jack under your car. Pay attention to the place when the jack will lift your car. All cars have special places designed just for this purpose. Usually they are under front door or near rear wheel. If you lift your car in the wrong place, you can cause certain damages.
5.    Lift your car using the jack.
6.    Remove all nuts and remove the wheel.
7.    Place the spare wheel and put all nuts back in place. Some cars have smaller spare wheel. This means that you shouldn’t drive faster than recommended (it is written on the spare tire). 
8.     Lower down your car.
9.    Use cross wrench to secure the wheel. All nuts must be tightened.