Car lovers around the world know how to cherish, care and have love and extensive compassion for their vehicles, but do they know how to properly take care of them year-round? Cars deserve a particularly large amount of attention because in the event of many emergencies, they are the only source of rescue. But, even though they are made to be strong and durable, owners still need to be sure that they are prepared for all conditions. All parts of a vehicle are man-made and as such, there are obvious limitations associated with each part.

During the winter season, particularly in countries that are out of the tropical zone, road conditions can get really terrible; from heavy snow and frost to dangerously icy streets, to cars getting stuck in the middle of nowhere… driving can be difficult and scary if you aren’t prepared. One way to ensure that you get the most comfortable experience during the winter season is to “winter proof” your vehicle.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Purchase a set of winter tires

Having a set of winter tires will enable your vehicle to withstand the slips and slides of icy streets caused by frozen rain and sleet because they are not easily worn down over time.

  • Keep an emergency kit in your car

In the case of a snow storm, or even during other seasons, every car owner should have an emergency kit in their car. For the winter season, get a new set of windshield wipers and be sure to keep backup wiper fluid in the trunk. This will allow for easy snow and ice removal to ensure proper visibility. Also, in every kit, there should be snow scraping shovels (small and large) to shovel snow from your car and from the streets. A bottle of extra car oil and coolant would also be ideal for safe keeping in this kit.

  • Carry warm clothes

During the winter season, keep a spare blanket, gloves, a hat and warm clothes in your car in the event that you get stuck in traffic or your car breaks down. In certain areas, you may be quite susceptible to frostbite.

It is very important to winter-proof your vehicle every year before the season begins!