Just because you slip doesn’t mean you will remain down, not everyone want to see you succeed and that’s the harsh reality.

Over the past couple of years owners of Motordrome speedway in Smithton, Westmoreland County have learned so much and they are looking at putting their knowledge and experience into good use. Many people thought Motordrome will not survive but it did and it’s growing stronger an indication that the speedway is there to stay.

The Melfis have learn so much “I think we’ve learned that it might take a little more time than we originally thought, like any business that you are trying to turn around and get back to where its potential really lies” Todd Melfi said.

As a wakeup call to what had happened previously, the Melfis are making several improvements to the facility along with a few changes which they are planning to make on the schedule of its opening day.

Motordrome has partnered with the Richard Petty driving experience to bring authentic NASCAR racecar ride-and-drive experience to the Pittsburgh market this year. Todd Melfi said having the Richard Petty driving experience at Motordrome speedway is a privilege for them.

It is so clear that the Melfi’s are more determine to make history and to prove a point to everyone who didn’t think they will make it. Special events during the opening day include the ARCA Truck series events June 19, the NASCAR K and N east series August 14-15 as well as extended lap races for all five weekly divisions.