For car passionate fans, Nascar is the biggest event of the year. The famous race reunites drivers from all over the world, all sharing the same goal: to prove that they are the best racers. The Nascar Sprint Cup 2015 was the 67th season of the race, and it was televised on various TV channels.

Since the beginning of 2015, the Nascar cup was on the minds of all fans. This was because professional driver Jeff Gordon stated that in 2015 he would retire as a full-time driver. Chase Elliot will replace him next season, and he reputed to be a driver equal to J. Gordon.

In the 2015 race, there were 43 teams competing in 36 races. In addition, during the race, there also were two Budweiser Duels races qualifying drivers for Daytona 500. Apart from this, the drivers also participated in two exhibition races, a good chance to show off their cars and their skills to the world. The race started on February 14 with the Sprint Unlimited Race, and it ended on November 22 with the Ford EcoBoost 400. The winner of the entire Nascar Sprint Cup 2015 was Kyle Busch, an American professional racer. The winner drove a Toyota Camry and most of the other winners drove Fords or Chevrolets.

As for the new racers, Brett Moffitt was named Rookie of the Year, which means he made quite an impression during the race, even if he did not participate the entire season. Several other racers retired, while many new names showed up on the track. The next year’s season will be more interesting, more exciting and of course, faster.