Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept
Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept

Best of 2011: Motorbike concepts

Motorcycle industry has been one with its own innovations suiting the growing consumer needs and the challenging environment. The future of automobiles is expected to bear some of the most unexpected changes in coming days. There were plenty of bikes in every segment in the year 2011, even if the rate of new-bike introduction was a little thin.

The world motorcycle production is currently on an all time high at around 80 million, and in fact 27 million of these are used in the recreational market of North America and Western Europe. From the low cost Biona concept bikes to the high speed 1300cc Honda Satellite Slammer Bagger concept bikes are designed to satisfy the needs of both; the middle income group of China and ASEAN region as well as the luxury seeking western countries where concept bikes have become a part of collectibles. Some of the truly loved and successful concept bikes have been reviewed below.

Simon’s Detonator concept bike

The green machine Parker Brothers’ latest creation is an all-new, all-electric bike that is claimed to be a street legal version of one of their craziest concepts ever penned by Captain America vehicles- and Light Cycle fame former VW designer and futurist Daniel Simon.

This electricity-run Detonator concept is dubbed as a “street cruiser bike built for humanoid droids” .When fully charged, the bike can travel 80-100 mile range. It can be plugged into a regular household 110 volt outlet and it fully gets charged in just one hour. This means that you can easily take it out for a spin around town and stop by at a diner when your battery is low.

The quick-charging bike is also completely zero-emission though the makers have not revealed much info about the estimated battery life and the cost-efficiency of the battery pack used in the vehicle. As per the inside information, the bike speeds up to a maximum speed of 120mph at ease but it may not be the easiest to handle for inexperienced bikers. For the time being, the Detonator is only available on order for customers in Saudi Arabia, Europe, and the U.S. with a hefty price of $100,000.

FB R2000S concept bike

Croatia based freelance designer Miroslav Hundak has displayed his futuristic design of a bike with ‘spoke-less wheels’. This feature is quite impressive and unique. This concept will captivate everybody at the first glimpse itself.

Remember, this concept is a 100 percent design work as of now, created using Computer Graphics applications. The concept’s engine and proportions were inspired from BMW R1200S. The laudable feature of this concept is its hybrid driving technology. With an amazing design, let us hope that someone will come forward to produce this concept to suit the real world riding conditions.

Until then, the entire credit of this concept goes to the creator Miroslav Hundak.

Honda C-Wing concept

The C-Wing concept of auto giant Honda plans to eradicate the fear and traumatic experiences of balancing, and thus plans to launch a motorcycle which one can ride with confidence, assuming that the future customers would prefer to ride a bike which ensures their safety and doesn’t involve much training. The designers have provided safety cell for the riders of this cheeky looking concept bike which would ensure the safety of the rider in case the vehicle meets an accident. James Brooks, the creator of this concept, is trying to build a concept motorcycle that would provide the thrill of a two-wheeler, and at the same time, it would set greater safety standards.

Lito Sora electric superbike concept

Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept
Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept

Gone are the days when superbikes necessarily had to have petrol engines. The new era of electric superbikes has creeped in an astounding way. His superbike from the Canadian company Lito Green Motion can achieve a top speed of 200 Kmph using an electric motor powered by Lithium Ion batteries. The battery is designed to last the life of the bike. The range claimed is 300 km from an eight hour charge.

The stumpy macho looking superbike will miss the engine roar favored by many rage lovers. The bike priced at around $45,000 also incorporates a built-in GPS system which would take you across countries without the help of age-old road maps.

Ferrari V4 Super bike concept

The image of the prancing horse striding magnificently down the race circuit is enough to register that one name in our minds that has ruled the race track for years- Ferrari! If you are one amongst the grownups who used to dream about racing along empty highways wearing good looking heroic outfit with a kit containing fiery weapons on a superhero bike, this would be a dream come true for you. The “superhero’s superbike” Ferrari v4 features a Vintage V12 Enzo engine.

This V12 Enzo engine boasts of a four cylinder platform and thus is expected to pack a potent punch with a thrilling combination of power and speed. The design of this beautiful concept owes its credit to Amir Glinik, a resident of Israel.

The handle resembles with that of a F -16 fighter jet aircraft so as to provide a feeling of “flying in the air” to the rider. The kind of driving thus is that of a drive-by-wire system. Apart from a mind blowing shape, the red color adds to its personality and makes it a dream bike in the complete sense.

LCD panel on the fuel tank that is functional in all weather provides ease and uniformity in reading the gadgets on the panel. Thus, you need not worry about any environmental hurdle in looking at the speedometer on your bike, which would be speeding up, once you decide to go for a thrilling experience. The tires of the bike are similar to that of the tires of a Batman’s Bike.

There is a touch of resemblance to the Scuderia’s high tech formula one steering wheel. Amir Glinik, the mastermind behind this innovative dream design quotes that his design is inspired and influenced by the vintage and the modern Ferrari projects, thus resulting in a unique concept. He says that his design is a blend of the most advanced technologies of the present accompanied by the Ferrari’s uniqueness in terms of gear, driving and engine’s management.

Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept
Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept
Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept
Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept
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