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In 1985, António Pinto, who was 26 at the time, founded AJP Motos, after four years of operating as a Motorcycle workshop. AJP Motos is based in Portugal and have had considerable competition success. All of the current AJP model ranges are fully type approved and approved for use in Europe.

In 1993 AJP became the Portuguese Off-Road Champion in the 125 2 stroke class and also took the 2nd place for the Portuguese Enduro Championship in the same class. With both 2 and 4 stroke off-road motorcycles, AJP has come to be in a class of its own and dominating the Portuguese Off-Road Circuits.

In 1987, The AJP Ariana 125, based on the Casal k 276, became the first production bike out of AJP’s doors. The Ariana 125 model was named after Antonio Pinto’s daughter, who was born in that same year. Only 25 of the Ariana 125cc bikes were made.

In 1995 AJP made their first attempt to enter the 50cc market with their prototype, the AJP Galp 50. Antonio Pinto, first attempted to sell his AJP Galp 50 to Casal, but had no success. After a string of bad luck, Antonio Pinto, finally got the money to go into production with the Galp 50, but the timing could not have been worse.

The Portuguese 50cc market crashed, leaving AJP to have to recover its losses in the 50cc venture.

Currently AJP have two models, the Enduro PR4 and the Supermotard. The Enduro PR4 is a 4 stroke 125cc off/on road enduro motorcycle, powered by an imported engine and the Supermotard, although similar to the PR4 is several CM shorter and lower than the PR4.

AJP’s factory was originally located in Penafiel, but in 2002 AJP moved it’s factory to Lousada, Portugal, to allow for AJP’s 2003 expanse into the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

AJP GALP 50 Enduro

Although AJP had released a 400cc 4 stroke in 2003, the same year they started exporting, there are currently only 125cc and 200cc bikes available in the United Kingdom. Germany has 9 different AJP models ranging from 125cc up to 250cc.

AJP’s original exports to the United Kingdom, France and Germany, has expanded to include, Poland, Bulgaria Hungary, Greece and Italy.

Ajp’s model labelling is rooted in PR, they currently have PR3, 125cc – 200cc enduro models, PR4, 125cc – 200 cc medium to heavy duty off and on road models, and PR5, AJP’s competition 250cc off-road racing models.

AJP is one of only 3 Motorcycle Manufacturers in Portugal, including SIS and Casal, both of which are obsolete, leaving AJP as the sole Portuguese motorcycle manufacturer, allowing them to expand into other countries without home competition in their market.

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AJP GALP 50 Enduro
AJP GALP 50 Enduro
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