BMW S 1000 RR 2010

BMW S 1000 RR 2010: Reasonably Radical

Pass quickly over the usual introductions: those who want to know everything about the technique of the new BMW S 1000 RR can head to the test circuit the beautiful German, read here. In free version, the new BMW superbike we were amazed by its great dynamic potential and furious engine, a feature which marks the propeller we had hardly used. But then that he is for us, miserable French bikers?

The clamping of the BMW S 1000 RR is it-managed? Has it become just “100 horses” or “horseless”? And approval side everyday, driveability, level of versatility, it is still able to drive?

Let’s all take a closer look.

Ergonomics for use racing is impeccable and I calais very well on the S 1000 RR in the test on the track of Portimao. But daily use reveals constraints other than those imposed by the circuit environment where all sports highlight a driving position suited to the necessary movements of the pilot. High enough saddle static – 820 mm – it touches the ground without regard to toes once on board if it is at least 1,70 m. Moreover, the S 1000 RR is sufficiently compact and narrow to avoid excessive spread her thighs.

BMW S 1000 RR 2010

Pressing the wrist is quite pronounced, but without reaching the torture of joints by a Triumph Daytona 675 for example. The straps are too wide apart, in contrast to what is found on the Yamaha R1. German engineers were thanked for putting small offsets on bracelets to raise a few millimeters, a bit like a Honda CBR 1000 RR.

In fact, BMW almost pass for reasonably radical, not the soft ergonomic, but not the hard either.

107 horsepower sufficient to squander its points

Contact the typical sound “sporty four-cylinder” sounds a familiar tune, so Kawasaki ZX-10R. The first meters already allow to address some negative points: the clutch control appears quite firm and the selection is not very pleasant. The box that they had found hard forgetting the shifter on the Portia circuit here confirms this feeling. BMW has never been recognized as the best manufacturer of boxes and the S 1000 RR is not a miracle at this level.

Fortunately, the optional shifter (360 €) is totally successful.

It does not show at all brutal during gearshifts, even at half speed, when “driven normally.” The selection becomes more fluid, relieving the big toe. Side engine certification, the S 1000 RR cut by almost half its power could disappoint us. Finally, the electronic clamp is pretty good. In addition, the loss of 86 horsepower (193 to 107 hp.) And 2.3 daN couple of “castrate” the engine too.

Relief when the first acceleration: it is always lively and muscular from 2500 rev / min and 7500 r / min. Flexibility and allow the couple to twirl from corner to corner on the rev range, while maintaining a consistent pace already. Yes, like all hyper sports the market, even in this version 100 horsepower, the S 1000 RR is a true “eater of points.”

In use “fast wound” is often vogue well above the permitted speeds. The S 1000 RR offers at least a lot of sensations, with its air box singing his shifter that can shift gears while maintaining the gas and his “rough” driving at very low speeds. Certainly, the picture is somewhat tarnished by these vibrations enough to usual diets in the hands and right footrest plate.

BMW S 1000 RR

However, honors the determination of the throttle.

BMW S 1000 RR 2010

The electronic accelerator, called “ride by wire” allows precise dosing and an instant connection with the rear wheel. By increasing the pace a bit, we see that the furious longer felt on the Portia circuit is largely inhibited. Beyond 7500 rev / min, the power is increasing more and spent almost 9000 rev / min, the S 1000 RR simply place his stride … like all hyper sports finally clamped.

Light and bearing on the front

The S 1000 RR is also distinguished by its front end. If BMW ignores the Telemeter, engineers have not cared less fork, testing all available models on the market during the development program. Finally, it is Sachs won the bid, providing a massive fork 46 mm in diameter.

The navigation is excellent, allowing you to draw beautiful arabesques. Depreciation is perhaps not the best in the segment, the KTM RC8, with its elements WP, conceding probably better imperfections. However, in the absence of direct confrontation, the S 1000 RR has shown firm but not stiff.

Braking on the angle or curve into the brakes have given us a bit of trouble, the bike tends to recover. For the rest, we are dealing with a typical chassis hyper sports: precise, rigid, all of a block curve and a holding royal cape. The same goes for the brakes, formidable power and hardly measurable by what we observed on the Portia circuit.

Sporty types undoubtedly the “surgical character” of this bike.

BMW S 1000 RR
BMW S 1000 RR
BMW S 1000 RR
BMW S 1000 RR

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