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Updated: Buell To Produce 150-horsepower Formula Xtreme/Thunderbike Racebikes For Privateers

Jan 23, 2006

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The 2006 Buell Firebolt XB-RR production racebike.

Photo courtesy of Buell Motorcycle Company.

Buell Motorcycle Company announced today at its winter dealer convention in Grapevine, Texas that it plans to produce and sell 50 non-street-legal racebikes for privateer racers and dealership-based race teams called the Firebolt XB-RR. And these will not simply be Firebolts with the lights and turn signals removed at the factory.

The Firebolt XB-RR is expected to produce over 150 horsepower and over 100 ft.-lbs. of torque at the crankshaft, to weigh approximately 362 pounds dry, to have its engine be durable enough to race an entire season with only routine maintenance and be versatile enough to race in several different classes from AMA Formula Xtreme to American Sportbike Racing Association (ASRA, formerly known as Formula USA) Thunderbike and several other club and endurance racing classes.

The bike will come with Ohlins suspension, wind-tunnel developed carbon-fiber bodywork, an eight-piston front brake caliper developed specifically for the application by Nissin, and more. In addition, every single part on the bike, plus optional parts, will be available for anyone to order out of a catalog at any Buell dealership.

Buell will back the Firebolt XB-RR with parts and technical support at all AMA and most ASRA rounds and with an expanded cash contingency program.

A short production run of Firebolt XB-RRs will happen in February, and full production is scheduled to begin in April 2006. Suggested retail price will be $30,995.

More about the Buell Firebolt XB-RR, including technical specifications and the story behind the bike, will appear in the March 2006 issue of Roadracing World Motorcycle Technology magazine, which is now being printed.

More, from a press release issued by Buell Motorcycle Company:


Race-Use-Only Bike Brings Buell Full Circle

EAST TROY, Wis. (January 23, 2006) – Erik Buell and company come full circle with the introduction of the 2007 Buell XBRR, a limited-edition production racing motorcycle designed exclusively for closed course competition. A spiritual successor to Buell-s first motorcycle, the 1983 RW750, the XBRR is poised to change the face of privateer racing with a professional-level, race-ready, production-based platform featuring top-shelf racing technology and typical Buell innovation.

-The XBRR combines the current culmination of Buell-s leading edge chassis technology and Harley-Davidson-s air-cooled V-Twin powertrain development in a platform designed by and developed for dedicated racers,- said Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer, Buell Motorcycle Company.

For Erik Buell, the XBRR marks a return to his racing roots. As a successful privateer road racer early in his career, Buell eventually built his own race bikes for the AMA’s then-premier Formula 1 class. The RW750 was a hand-built race bike, and it became the first official Buell motorcycle.

Two were produced before the AMA discontinued the class after 1985. Buell then translated his race-bred design principles into a line of successful street bikes leading up to the current XB platform.

The Buell XBRR features a modified XB Thunderstorm 1339cc (103.6mm bore x 79.4mm stroke) air/oil-cooled V-Twin motor rated at 150-hp (measured at the crankshaft). The engine is fed by a dual-downdraft 62mm throttle-body electronic fuel injection system and a ram-air intake system integrated with a new wind-tunnel developed carbon fiber fairing.

The XBRR is the first production Buell since the 1988-89 RR1200 to feature a full fairing. Its lightweight carbon design integrates ducts for cooling of the engine and oil cooler. The fairing was extensively wind tunnel tested to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag.

The XBRR chassis is the revolutionary XB design with fuel-in-the-frame and oil-in-the-swingarm, modified with a billet axle adjustment system and chain-drive to allow gearing changes for different race tracks. Suspension travel is managed by fully adjustable Ohlins units, with 43mm front forks and a remote-reservoir rear shock.

A new ZTL2 (Zero Torsional Load) eight-piston front caliper grabs a standard XB front rotor providing outstanding braking performance, but with less weight than conventional designs. New XBRR six-spoke magnesium wheels weigh 33 percent less than standard XB wheels.

Instruments include tachometer, indicator lamps for shift, power on and low oil pressure. The XBRR features a unique Buell Racing paint scheme.

Buell XBRR features:

1339cc (81.7 cid) Thunderstorm Powertrain:

4.080 inch (103.6 mm) bore and 3.125 inch (79.4mm) stroke

12.5:1 compression ratio

Dual 62 mm down-draft fuel-injection throttle bodies

WAVE-analyzed header and mass-centralized muffler

150+ peak engine horsepower at 8000 rpm (per SAE J607)

100 ft. lbs. peak engine torque at 6500 rpm (per SAE J607)

Black 6-Spoke Cast Magnesium Racing wheels:

Front: 3.5 inch (88.9mm) x 17 inch (431.8mm) wheel with 120/70R-17 tire

Rear: 5.5 inch (139.7mm) x 17 inch (431.8mm) wheel with 190/55R-17 tire

Buell ZTL2 reversed rotor front brake with eight-piston Nissin caliper

Ram Air system integrated with full racing fairing

Carbon fiber bodywork

43mm Ohlins adjustable front suspension with inverted forks

Ohlins fully-adjustable rear suspension with coil-over monoshock with remote reservoir

Buell XBRR

55-degree lean angle (hard contact)

30.5-inch (775 mm) seat height

21-degree rake and 3.4-inch (86 mm) trail

Cast-aluminum swingarm with billet axle adjustment system

Center position wheelbase 52.8 inches (1341 mm)

Range wheelbase 51.8 – 53.8 inches (1315 mm – 1367 mm)

Buell Racing paint scheme

To accommodate eligibility in a wide variety of racing classes, an engine modification kit will be available to help conform the XBRR to a wide range of class regulations.

Buell will produce 50 XBRR motorcycles with a short initial run in late February and the balance made in April. U.S. MSRP is $30,995.

It is illegal for anyone to ride this motorcycle on public roads. The Buell XBRR motorcycle does not meet NHTSA or EPA regulations for on road use. This motorcycle may only be used on closed courses. We reserve the right to discontinue models or change specifications at any time without incurring obligations. Vehicle and accessory specifications may vary from country to country depending on local laws.

Some features and accessories are not available in certain countries. Be aware that many countries prohibit the importation, registration and/or use of vehicles and accessories not built to their countries specifications. Check with your local dealer for details.

Buell Motorcycle Company, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, Inc. produces sport motorcycles, motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel. To learn more about Buell motorcycles, visit your local Buell dealer today and experience the pure streetfighter attitude, style and performance only found on board a Buell. Pull into www.buell.com for the Buell dealer nearest you.

More, from another press release issued by Buell Motorcycle Company:


More than $700,000 in Cash Contingencies Posted for Privateer Buell Racers aboard XB and XBRR models

EAST TROY, Wis. (January 23, 2006) – Buell Motorcycle Company recently announced an expanded racing support program for 2006, with more than $700,000 posted in cash contingencies for Buell racers competing in a variety of national and regional race series events and classes aboard XB models and the XBRR production racing motorcycle.

-We-re committed to supporting our dealer and privateer teams through this contingency program and trackside support at select events,- said Erik Buell, Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Buell Motorcycle Company. -I remember the days of scraping and scrounging and working crazy hours as a privateer racer. This program will help our racers achieve their goals, and seeing them succeed is a great thrill to all of us at Buell.-

The contingency program will reward Buell racers competing on the 2007 XBRR and 2003 or newer XB model motorcycles in the following series and classes: American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Formula Xtreme class; American Sportbike Racing Association (ASRA) Thunderbike and Superbike classes; Western Eastern Racers Association (WERA) Formula 1 National Challenge Sprints; American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) Formula Twins Expert and Formula 4 Expert classes; Willow Springs Motorcycle Club (WSMC) BOTT Heavyweight Expert and BOTT Middleweight Expert classes; Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association (WMRRA) Formula Thunder Expert class; and Championship Cup Series (CCS), SuperTwins Expert and Thunderbike Expert and Amateur classes.

Complete details of the 2006 Buell contingency program, including the racer registration form, are available at www.buell.com in the Racing Support Section. The program begins with races on or after February 1, 2006.

Buell Motorcycle Company, a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, Inc. produces sport motorcycles, motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel. To learn more about Buell motorcycles, visit your local Buell dealer today and experience the pure streetfighter attitude, style and performance only found on board a Buell. Pull into www.buell.com for the Buell dealer nearest you.

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