Even though the gasoline price is hitting the sky limit, but the Americans are not restricted from the attraction of exploring the open road. Before you hit the road on the onset of summer, you can take few precautions to ensure safety of your family and save money at the service center. Extreme heat along with long drives can be fatal on cars. Your fuel efficiency can be lowered significantly with cracked hoses, under inflated tires, dirty filters and leaky radiators, and can lead to total breakdown.

Before you set off do not forget to check tire pressure correctly. These are probably the most overlooked parts of a car. In the hot summer, both under and over-inflated tires, worn out or misaligned tires are extremely dangerous. With the rise of temperature, tire pressure changes considerably. Fuel is like the blood of your car. It is advisable to change your car’s oil and oil filter for every 12000 kilometers. During the summertime, the engine can generally get over-heated. Ensure there are no oil leaks and prefer using lead-free petrol and diesel. De-winterize your car. Get rid of the snow tires, as these are heavier and reduces fuel efficiency. Use clean water to clean the undercarriage of the car after a long snowy winter. Check the hose and belts of your car. Use good quality coolants for the radiators to prevent engine blocks.

Change the air filters and replace your windshield wipers as summer sets in. the air filters are can be clogged with salt and derbies after prolonged snowfall. Do a check on your car’s brakes for a safe and secure drive. Also, take extra care to clean your car battery and replace it whenever needed.