Honda Philippines Launches XRM 125 Motorcycle (w/ Brochure)

As the country’s number 1 motorcycle manufacturer and distributor, Honda Philippines, Inc. is consistently providing motorcycles of the highest quality. In every bike produced, Honda is committed to the highest goal of fulfilling every customer’s dream. And in the pursuit of realizing these Filipinos’ dreams, Honda has won the trust of customers –becoming Number 1, both in motorcycle industry sales and in the heart of Filipinos.

The Honda XRM Series has been unchallenged since it was first introduced as XRM110 in 2002. On 2003, it was the first motorcycle in the Philippines equipped with Automatic Headlight On (AHO). On 2004, it has already gained the number 1 position in terms of sales. On 2005, HPI reached 1 millionth production unit with the XRM.

On 2007, Honda Philippines, Inc. launched XRM125 – equipped with Euro2 compliant engine which is again the first in the Philippines. On 2008, the No. 1 most trusted motorcycle model in the Philippines with its new stripes was introduced.

And then on 2010, giving the customers the power of choice, XRM trinity with 3 model variants – the Dual Sport, the Off road model and the Motard were launched.

Filipinos love for the XRM is just unmatched.Specifically designed and developed for Philippine road conditions, Honda XRM is and will always be the country’s On/Off under-bone motorcycle king. Honda XRM is just unstoppable. This bike is made to challenge the extremes – from the paved roads of Metro Cities to the toughest terrains of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao country roads.

All these can be negotiated by this powerful, rugged yet easy to ride bike.

Tough, powerful and sporty, the Honda XRM also the most modified model in the country– making it the bike with the most available accessories in the market.

From the country’s no. 1 motorcycle brand, Honda launches another innovation in ingenuity with the new Honda XRM125. This bike is now equipped with the face of the world-famous CRF Series motorbikes – a fusion of toughness, powerful agility and style!


This powerful, highly economical, environment-friendly and durable bike comes with 3 variants – the XRM125 Dual Sport which is the peoples’ bike, the XRM125 Motard which is a sleek ride for urban riders and the special edition XRM125 Dual Sport Extreme (DSX) which is designed to go beyond. All bikes are developed and designed with CRF DNA that will surely give Honda’s valued customer the real joy of riding both on/off road condition.

The built-to-last feature of XRM is now upgraded to CRF characteristics that will provide customers with years of trouble-free, low maintenance and riding enjoyment.

Now, attention focus on the new headlight and front fender, which project the dynamic off-road look of Honda’s most popular CRF machine.

The frame provides a low seat height and easy to reach ground that is appealing to Filipino riders. The broad comfortable seat offers ample room for two. The handle bar is ergonomically designed for safety On/Off road maneuver.

Honda ANF 125

Braking duties for XRM125 Dual Sport is handled by wide front disk brake while for Motard and Dual Sport Extreme is a combination of rear and front disk brakes. Tires are rugged, dual purpose treads designed to provide an easy comfortable ride on both roads.

Total packaging and combination is so dynamic that is poised to stand out from the crowd and be another top selling model.


Introductory price for the new XRM125 is Php 64,500 for Dual Sports Model, Php 69,800 for Motard and Php 67,900 for Dual Sports Extreme. The new Honda XRM125 is readily available at all Honda 3S Shops Nationwide.


From XRM125 that suits the Filipino lifestyle, to XR125L that is ready to step-up for the next challenge, to CRF250L that conquers greater heights, Honda Philippines, Inc. has now sealed the Philippines’ On/Off road bike line-up. Thus, we give the Filipinos the freedom to choose.


To provide the best ownership for XRM125 variants, customers will be able to enjoy HPI’s three-year warranty and the most affordable Php25 Tune-up service available only at Honda 3S dealers nationwide.

Honda ANF 125
Honda ANF 125
Honda ANF 125
Honda ANF 125
Honda ANF 125
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