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Brake Pads Brembo 07BB05SC sintered racing (2 couple for 1 disk)

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Brembo RC and SC Compound Racing Pads.

RC – SC These pads have been designed to guarantee their users exceptional performance.

Materials of this type are notable mainly for their high friction coefficient and constant efficiency, especially when exposed to high disc temperatures.

These characteristics guarantee an excellent and uniform braking action for the full duration of the race, with less likelihood that fading will occur. Pads of this type provide scant efficiency at lower temperature, a factor of limited importance in racing situations.

RC – Track-only compound. This is true racing pad, suitable for any kind of competition on the racetrack.

With an excellent friction coefficient and – more especially – exceptional stability at high temperatures, the compound gives constant braking lap after lap, from grid to flag.

SC – Sintered compound for track/road use, with high friction coefficient when hot. This is a material that stays very stable in all running conditions, and having a good friction coefficient when cold, the material is also compatible with road use.

Please Note:

RC running in should not be done with rain conditions.

RC ans SC can be used with rain conditions.

RC and SC are not Street Legal. Not for Highway Use.

Please Note that every product is a set of pads for 1 caliper therefore for 1 disk, so if your bike has two front disk the right quantity is 2 products

FAQ: Q: This pad is the right one for my bike? A: We are quite sure, but you know a bike in Europe can be equipped with different pads in Japan or in US, we suggest to check the application in the Brembo Catalogue Search Here .

Bimota BB 1

FAQ: Q: This pad is the right one for my bike? If You have any doubt download and check the official Brembo Catalogue: application by brand/model A-K. application by brand/model L-Z. bike pads pictures divided by code 07BB to 07HD. 07HO all.

07KA to 07TR. 07YA all. Scooter all.

The catalogue even shows if a pad is for front or rear (dot under the front wheel or under th rear wheel) and if we have doubts, we either check your order before shipping.

Support Forum

Question:   Hi, I would like to know why the Sinter brake pads cant be used on cast iron discs from Brembo? What pad should I use for fully floating Brembo cast iron discs and create a good bite for street use? Thanks, Dennie


Answer:   No Cast Iron should not work with sintered. you can use RC or other not sintered pads New Question

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Bimota BB 1
Bimota BB 1
Bimota BB 1
Bimota BB 1

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