Suzuki Boulevard Touring

Our design goal for the Dual Touring saddle was to create a seat that would provide the most support and comfort possible while fitting the look of your Boulevard. Notice how exquisitely the seat is shaped to follow the contours of the bike along the chrome fender strut and over the curve of the fender. This precision shape and fit is only possible with Corbin’s patented integrated molding technology.

Inside, we build the saddle up with our exclusive Comfort Cell foam to provide a firm, supportive ride that lasts. Our closed-cell material feels much firmer than stock, but this support is what keeps your body from falling through the foam and riding against the baseplate. The foam is cast into a shape that contours to your body and helps disperse weight more evenly. what we call Ergonoic Shaping . When riding, you’ll notice this shape eliminates hot spots and centralized pressure.

Dual Touring saddle is designed to work with your Suzuki Sissy Bar setup or with the Corbin removable backrest system. Corbin backrests install easily into hardware built inside the saddle and lock in place with a single set screw. Since they’re fully adjustable and simple to install, you can use a single backrest and transfer it front to back when needed or get a pair for full time use.

A variety of backrest models are available to suit your taste. For the M50 we recommend the model #02-S or #297 as shown above to provide the best combination of form and function. These backrests are also ergonomically sculpted to provide a wide contact patch and best weight dispersion.

Angle adjustment is simple and is achieved without removing the backrest from the seat. Special hardware in the front position allows the backrest to fold down to ease mounting the bike. This hardware also allows positioning of the backrest fore and aft.

As with most Corbin saddles, this seat uses genuine leather seating panels for a ride that breathes with your body. Luxurious and durable, leather will provide comfort for many years and will break in along with the foam shape for a personalized fit to your posture. Available plain or with our new Freddy Deco stitch that coordinates so nicely with the design of the bike.

Chrome studs are also included at no charge if desired. Be sure to take proper care of your leather saddle with a good conditioner like Corbin’s Saddle Cream. This will help it to resist the elements and remail supple.

Dual Tour also offers the option of electric heat (see below) or a chrome V-Rail to add to the nostalgic appeal. Triple plate chromed for a perfect finish, the V-Rail installs easily to the Corbin saddle without any additional brackets. simple. On this particular model the V-Rail WILL work in conjunction with the factory sissy bar if desired.

Installation of the Dual Touring saddle is simple and uses a tongue in the front and a single bolt into your fender in the rear.

For those chilly morning rides we offer an option of heated rider seating. We incorporate a heater unit under the leather seating and a switch on the left side of the saddle (so you can turn it on without removing your hand from the throttle). Just flip the switch to the low or high position and the seat will warm up and maintain temperature automatically through an integrated controller.

Suzuki Boulevard Touring

Corbin’s heater comes completely pre-installed in the saddle and you need only integrate the included pigtail to your battery.

Need more options? Our #02-S Ovalbac and new #297-B model backrests have removable finishing plates on the rear available in a range of styles. The standard plate is an ABS leather look, but we also offer a carbon fiber look or primer so you can have it custom painted.

For a little extra, we can provide the finishing plate on your backrest prepainted gloss black or with a chrome model (chrome back plate available for #02-S only). These make a perfect finishing touch to blend the backrests into the motorcycle’s design.

Here’s something new. Want to add a bit of convenient storage without installing a trunk? Corbin’s glovebox is an excellent solution for all your quick-access stuff. Simply replace the finishing plate on the backrest and you’ve just added four liters of locking storage capacity. It’s plenty for a couple bottles of water, cell phone, spare gloves, maps and other incidentals.

Constructed of durable ABS plastic and available plain or prepainted black. For complete information, go HERE.

Notice how every component is designed to fit perfectly to the bike and also integrate so well visually. The meticulous attention to detail shows through in every aspect of the saddle system. Insist on a geniune Corbin saddle to improve the comfort and style of your new ride and look for that Corbin label! It’s the mark of quality fit for your new Boulevard.

Available directly from Corbin or your local motorcycle shop.

Suzuki Boulevard Touring
Suzuki Boulevard Touring
Suzuki Boulevard Touring
Suzuki Boulevard Touring
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