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Details 2012 Bimota DB7 Oronero Motorbike Insurance Information

2012 Bimota DB7 Oronero Motorbike Insurance Information a single of motorbike parts details. Here motorcycles as good as motor bike information, happy to read 2012 Bimota DB7 Oronero Motorbike Insurance Information .

2012 Bimota DB7 Oronero Review

Performance at a top levels

The materials are not used usually to greatfully a eye. The DB7 Oronero is a competition which allows to grasp glorious pushing opening on a lane as good as on churned routes even faster.

The CO used for a support as good as swingarm provides a ‘good stiffness, a measures give a equates to of doing as good as marked down energy to weight comparative measure 1:1 allows a fast exit of a corners, interjection to a electronic government complement of’ injection grown by Bimota, which has optimized a smoothness of this already shining engine.

Derivation Superbike additionally a instrumentation, which includes a organic GPS complement interpretation merger as good as government of a bike.

2012 Bimota DB7 Oronero Model Highlights

The DB7 ORONERO is half which entirely embodies a truth as good as story of Bimota. A singular bike, where he made endless use of changed materials as good as workmanship.

ORONERO DB7 is offering in a on purpose understated look, a eye can admire a ability with which they are tailor made parts which make up this Superbike.

The Italian dwindle is proudly displayed on black CO fairing, recalling a all-Italian start of this valuables of mechanics.

2012 Bimota DB7 Oronero Features as good as Benefits

The twin-cylinder engine is “L” at 1098 CC develops 164 horsepower at 9750 rpm as good as is powered by electronic injection grown by Bimota. The multi-disc purchase is dry.

The support incorporates a normal helpful jot down BIMOTA in constrict combination plates with CNC, where a blood vessel make up is made of changed CARBON, as good as a pitch arm, which goes to infulcrarsi without delay on a engine, to illustrate ensuring marked down altogether measure as good as glorious rigidity.

Carbon for a “dress” a ORONERO, which contrasts with a pleasing plates of a support as good as flare billet. The outcome of a ‘use of such materials can revoke weight at 164 kg dry, compared to 164 hp engine to concede DB7 ORONERO to grasp a well-developed energy / weight comparative measure of 1:1.

The forks 43 mm is tractable both in a mechanics which in ‘hydraulic, as good as a rear startle absorber. The dual front discs are 320 mm petal operated by a radial master cylinder as good as calipers BREMBO.

The entirely digital instrumentation, allows we to jot down a function of a assorted elements of a bike as good as has an integrated GPS receiver which allows we to download times as good as routes.


MSRP Price: See your internal Bimota dealer for pricing.

Model Motorcycles Bimota DB7 Oronero

4 valves per cylinder

2-cylinder engine, 4 stroke

Displacement 1099cc

Bore x stroke: 104-64, 7 mm

Compression comparative measure 12,5:1

Power electronic injection

electric Start

Power 160hp/9750 rpm

Rpm Max hanging ornament 11.8 kgm/8000rpm

Transmission Chain

Trellis support with CO combination plates

Front cessation 43mm inverted flare with DLC treatment, tractable for preload, application as good as in return

Rear cessation monoshock tractable for preload tall as good as low speed ‘extension as good as compression

320mm front stop discs, 4 piston calipers

Rear stop 220mm disc, 2 piston caliper

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