Suzuki B-King

Superbike mag makes the Suzuki B-King look good!

This is the best pic of the Suzuki B-King we’ve ever come across!

Sure, it’s the most powerful naked musclebike around, but the Suzuki B-King isn’t exactly very good-looking, is it? Trust Superbike magazine to find a way to make it look good then! The British magazine have tested the Suzuki B-King in their November 2007 issue, and they are impressed with the bike’s capabilities. Here’s some of what they’ve said about the Big Suzuki:

‘The B-King looks like a behemoth as you approach it – from any angle. But the King forgets its Henry VIII girth as soon as you start riding, transforming from a 240-kilo giant into a machine that possesses some GSX-R characteristics. With its low seat, agile handling and accurate steering, it’s astonishing to think that you’re on the same machine that you had to view in wide-angle minutes before.’

‘Combine this with excellent power delivery from low revs, comfortable riding position and the fine ancillaries (the clutch is light, the gearbox is slick, the instrument display fancy and the mirrors. work) and the initial miles on the B-King are civil, well-mannered and incredibly refined.’

Brilliant, eh? The Suzuki B-King is just perfect!

With the Hayabusa’s 1340cc inline-four, there’s no dearth of stomp here.

Suzuki B-King

‘At the first hint of an open road, you can bury the throttle and be rewarded with acceleration that you rarely get with a normally aspirated motor. This 1,340cc motor pulls from just 1,000rpm in top, there’s a punt of power at 4,500rpm, a kick at 6,500rpm and then a riot of revs, noise, wind rush, and most importantly, speed, as the analogue tacho arm spins towards a crescendo at 10,500rpm. The blend of horsepower and torque is finely judged.’

‘If you want a gentler introduction into the machine, then Suzuki utilise the S-DMS system as seen on the 2007 GSX-R1000. There’s two modes to choose from, A and B. A gives you the full power and all of the glory, while the B mode knocks everything back 30 percent, turning the machine into a B-Prince in the process. After sampling the undiluted strength of the motor, switching to B-mode is a bit like going to bed with one of the fit ones from Girls Aloud and waking up next to the ginger one, but I guess there’s a time and a place for it.’

‘Like a good monarch, Suzuki’s B-King is powerful, communicative, fanatical but ready to mete out ruthless punishment if disrespected. Its followers will be devoted, its opponents cynical, and the hype has been worth the wait because I declare this King crowned.’

For the full road test of the 2008 Suzuki B-King, please buy a copy of the November 2007 issue of Superbike . To download older issues of the mag (in PDF format), go here!

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Suzuki B-King
Suzuki B-King
Suzuki B-King

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