As women have been fighting and fighting to be considered at the same level as men, car racing industry is not far from what the other industries are implying. Michele Mouton claims that women wish to compete on the same level with men. There has been a suggestion made, concerning Formula One teams launching a championship series for female drivers. In response to Bernie Ecclestone’s suggestion, Motorsport’s governing board has declared that the idea of a competition designed exclusively for women is not something to be dismissed without an appropriate debate.

In a statement to The Associated Press on Thursday, Driver Michele Mounton, also the president of the FIA’s commission for women in motorsport has declared herself happy to be part of such a good opportunity to promote a different perspective of the business. Ecclestion has also declared in comments reported in British media that such a project would surely attract lots of sponsors, attention and publicity. Also, it was said that it is to be appreciated that women have indeed shown that it is possible for them to be just as good as men, even if there is only a few of them. In another statement to the AP, Mouton noted that motor port is, as well as sailing and horse-riding, one of the very few fields where men and women complete together, minding the same rules and classifications.