Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature
Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature

For 2012 Victory Motorcycles, touring is name of the game


For 2012 Victory Motorcycles puts another iron in the touring market fire with the Cross Country Tour . which it says, sets a new high standard for hard baggers, providing riders with unprecedented comfort and the greatest cargo capacity of any production motorcycle in the world.

Some of the new bits and baubles for the Cross Country Tour include the Victory Comfort Control System . which features upper and lower air controls to fine tune airflow reaching the seating area. There is also a new Tall Windshield, which is bigger that the previously available accessory shield.

It also sports Specially Equipped Hard Lowers which have covered and lockable storage each with 1 gallon of storage. These lowers — attached to the highway bars —are where you’ll also find the iPod cable that’s integrated with the bike’s audio system and a 12 volt power outlet. Other perks include the Lock Ride trunk (17.7 gallons of storage) that can be installed or removed in a jiffy, non-linked ABS, heated grips and seats, adjustable passenger floorboards and of course, Victory’s 106/6 Stage 1 V-twin motor, and its 6-speed transmission with overdrive.

The 2012 touring lineup also includes the Cross Roads Classic LE (below, first pic), a numbered, limited edition that features a classic paint and graphics scheme, leather seat and saddlebags with custom stitching, wire wheels, a windshield, light bars, fender bumpers and saddlebag rails. There’s also classic bobber-styled High Ball (below, second pic), which was introduced in January. This is the stripped-down, matte black bike with the ape hanger bars, spoked wheels and whitewall tires that’s powered by the Freedom 106/6 Stage 2 motor.

For the Cross Roads model, Victory brings back the CORE CUSTOM program it launched for 2011 model year. This initiative allows Cross Roads buyers to select their bike’s color, saddlebag style, highway bar style and if they want a windshield. Any one of the 48 possible combinations are configured at the dealership so the customer gets to cruise home on his or her own customized ride.

For 2012, there are three Ness Signature Series Models . a program that began with the elder Ness back in 2004 that now includes his son and business partner, Cory Ness, and his son, Zach Ness. This time ’round, the lineup includes the Arlen Ness Signature Series Victory Vision, the Cory Ness Cross Country and a Vegas 8-Ball styled by Zach Ness. Overall, this equals 15 models across Victory’s offerings.

On the business side, Victory Motorcycles launches its new slogan, Go Break Boundaries, which replaces Fuel It as the company’s tagline. It has also launched a new marketing campaign revolving around five superior criteria that the company calls The Victory Edge. Victory riders enjoy the finest in performance, comfort, storage, reliability and style.

Victory Riders enjoy The Victory Edge, reads the company’s literature. For further explanation, read on:

Performance. Victory models out-perform every other bike on the road with the 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine that powers every bike in the model year 2012 lineup.

The Freedom 106/6 in Victory cruisers delivers 113 ft-lb of torque. In touring models, the engine produces 92 hp and 109 ft-lb of torque.

The Freedom 106/6 is a power and efficient engine that is fuel-injected, counter-balanced for minimal vibration and is reliably air-cooled with oil circulated through the jackets to complement the air cooling.

The durable, reliable 6-speed transmission has a true overdrive for the smoothest highway cruising.

Every Victory has premium disc brakes and every touring model has an anti-lock braking system (ABS ) for the fastest emergency stopping under control.

Every Victory has a low center of gravity and is well balanced to deliver easy, responsive handling at all speeds.

Comfort. We make sure that every detail we put into our bikes revolves around making riders comfortable and confidently in control of the bike.

Every Victory features a low center of gravity and low seat height.

Every touring model features extended driver floorboards that let the driver position feet and legs as desired during high-mileage stretches on the road.

The Victory Vision front bodywork, adjustable-height windshield and adjustable side air deflectors provide riders with excellent protection and comfort.

The Cross Country Touring features the Victory Comfort Control System, which consists of: Upper Air Controls that allow a rider to control the volume and direction of airflow to the upper body; Lower Air Controls that allow a rider to control the volume of airflow to the legs; Both the Upper Air Controls and Lower Air Controls can be positioned for maximum protection and minimized airflow reaching the riders.

Victory cruiser riders can add protection and comfort with Pure Victory accessories such as windshields, touring seats, backrests, heated handgrips, cruiser control and more.

Storage. Go wherever the road takes you with industry-leading storage and the ease of mind that you’ll always have what you need.

Victory Vision models feature integrated side storage compartments, a large trunk and convenient driver storage compartment for a total of over 29 gallons of cargo space.

The Cross Country Tour provides the most storage of any bike in the world, a total capacity of over 41 gallons in its trunk, saddlebags and forward storage compartments.

Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature
Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature

Every Victory cruiser can be equipped with cargo-carrying Pure Victory accessories such as saddlebags, cargo racks and more.

Reliability. We take care of you and your ride with built-to-last bikes and worry-free scheduled maintenance.

The Freedom 106/6 is a proven, reliable and durable V-twin.

The recommended oil change interval for the model year 2011 and 2012 Freedom 106/6 is every 5,000 miles.

The Freedom engine has a self-adjusting cam chain tensioner and gear-driven primary.

Riders are encouraged to add fuel, change the oil at the proper intervals and ride.

Style. All our bikes are designed with a modern edge and smooth, flowing lines proving that we don’t rely on the past for design.

Victory models feature modern, progressive styling.

Victory models feature smooth-flowing design lines that carry the eye from the front fender along the fuel tank, seat and rear fender.

Victory cruisers feature a streamlined, custom-look headlight housing.

The Vegas, Vegas Jackpot and High-Ball featured a raised spine running the length of the bike on the fenders and fuel tank.

posted by Dennis Johnson

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Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature
Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature
Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature
Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature
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