Acabion GTBO 70

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Article: Meet the world’s fastest ever road vehicle built to reach an astonishing top speed of 340mph and get 90MPG! The Acabion GTBO uses jet fighter technology and aerodynamics to reach its extraordinary speed propelled by a state-of-the-art turbo-charged engine. Its designers revealed it could reach 300mph in a blistering 30 seconds – substantially quicker than the rival Bugatti Veyron which takes 55 seconds to reach its top speed of 250mph.

The two-wheeled GTBO comes with two extra stabilizers at the rear to keep it steady at low speeds – similar to those fitted to a child’s first bike. However, rather than pedal power, the two-seater has a 1300cc turbo-charged engine which produces a staggering 800bhp. The GTBO’s designer, former Porsche engineer Peter Maskus, described the unusual vehicle as a road streamliner. It weighs just 700lbs – half the weight of the original Mini.

Although it looks a bit like a motorcycle, Dr Maskus claims it is a new type of vehicle altogether and is the future of high-speed, low-emission transport. An electric version with a top speed of around 300mph is also planned. Dr Maskus, who runs Acabion, said: The Acabion GTBO minimizes weight and maximizes power and aerodynamic efficiency.

The effects are just out of this world. The GTBO is the trendsetter towards a new generation of crafts in two categories, both hyper efficient. One category is pure electric for city traffic and distances up to 300 miles. The other category is petrol driven with 10 times the punch and a range of up to 1000 miles per fuel-stop.

They both boost the jet-like GTBO to jet-fighter punch and to new dimensions of both efficiency and speed. Dr Maskus said he believed the GTBO integrates the best you can get from cars and bikes, combined with a jet cockpit. The vehicle can reach such high speeds thanks to its arrow shape which reduces lifting or grip loss.

Dr Maskus added: Building cars based on carriages was a logical thing to do back in 1886. It is the most silly thing to do in the 21st century. Asked whether he believed his vehicle was better than the much-lauded Bugatti Veyron, Dr Maskus said: The Veyron is a superb car. But that is a bit of its problem – it’s still a car.

The Acabion does not even want to be a car, nor a bike. It is a new class: a road streamliner. Our grandchildren will probably laugh at how slow and how inefficient cars have been. Dr Maskus, who is German and has also worked for Mercedes, said the GTBO would be in production and on the road within three years.

But those wanting to buy the vehicle developed in Switzerland and the UK will have to pay a staggering ВЈ1.5million for the privilege. The fastest, mass-produced road car is currently the American-built SSC Ultimate Aero TT which managed 257mph in tests verified by the Guinness World Records in October last year. ________________________________________ FROM NEWBIEJAB: ________________________________________ So, do you think the Acabion is capable of 340mph?

Acabion GTBO 70
Acabion GTBO 70

If not what top speed do you think? For example, the Veyron has the 1000hp at 4300lbs. – drag coefficient of .41. It has a high speed mode that basically retunes the suspension (lowers front and rear) and rear wing that reduces the drag to .36 to achieve -I think it was the last 60mph or so to what 253mph? It takes 500 of those horses just to overcome the wind resistance at the top end to allow it to continue to accelerate.

Wind resistance is the biggest problem at high speeds over 200mph, this is why it usually takes high HP. Significantly reduced drag = greater top speed with less HP required. The drag coefficient of the Acabion is .14 which is less than half the Veyron at 253mph. In addition the Acabion only lacks 25% of the Veyron’s horse power, and it’s 83.5% lighter or 1/6 of the weight at only 700lbs.

We are talking about an additional 87mph from 253 – 340. The Veyron experiences a 60mph or so gain dropping the drag coefficient by .05 – the Acabion drops the .36 drag by .22 down to .14. The real problem at Acabion is that they released to much information on this before they were willing to give the public a good show.

Now they’re under pressure to deliver. I know at first glance this thing could seem like some real BS but if your interested in speed you should give this a serious look before you dismiss it. They spend 2 years building just one of these, it’s based on the Suzuki Hayabusa.

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Specs Motor: Permanent magnet DC motor 230V 207A peak Battery: LiFePO4 72 cells in series A123 Systems 20Ah Lithium 4,4Kwh in total Controller Homemade 220A 300v continuous MC33035 IC Servo-brake: Electric vacuum pump 70w Max Speed: to be tested estimate

55km/h Wh/Km. 56 at 17km/h not 100 % accurate masina Website.

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This exact same kit and others are available at Our motor @ 108v at 650a up to 3800 RPM will deliver 121ftlbs of torque and 76hp. Its designed and works best in cars under 3000lbs. Subscribe to Tomswonderfulworld watch and learn as I build an Electric Car.

Acabion GTBO 70
Acabion GTBO 70
Acabion GTBO 70
Acabion GTBO 70
Acabion GTBO 70
Acabion GTBO 70

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