Formula 1 should be a sport about power and speed, without any limitations! Thanks to the FIA, and their rules, this sport is completely opposite. Every year they make new rules, which just make things worse. Some of those rules are literally dangerous for drivers. The best example was rule that every car must use just one set of tires for the whole race! After many crushes, they remove this rule. Many fans of the Formula 1 stopped going to the races because of too many regulations. These are some of the most important changes for the 2015 season.

Teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, can continue their engines development after February 28th, thanks to a loophole in the regulations. This is the first season when new V6 turbocharged engines are used.

The appearance of the cars is changed. Noses used in the last season are removed. Teams are using lower noses, similar to those from 90’s. The new regulation is about minimum car weight. It has been increased from 691kg to 702 kg, so taller drivers can drive. This weight is without fuel.

The new Virtual Safety Car is used. This means, all drivers must follow the limited speed when the sign is shown. Every driver who doesn’t obey the rule, will get a penalty. When the yellow flag is removed, drivers will continue racing from a rolling start, same as before.

There are severe regulations for young drivers. Every driver must be 18 or older and must have 40 points or more from 2016 onwards. Drivers can obtain these points from Formula Renault 3.5 and similar categories. Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen and many other drivers wouldn’t be able to qualify for their debut season in F1 under these rules.