Although many manufacturers try to make more economical and cheaper cars, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren and many others are trying to make a faster car! Their new cars are also more economical, but with engines of 4L-7L, V10 or V12, this ‘’improved economy’’ isn’t very important! On the other side, mentioned manufacturers are reducing the size of their engines, even BHP, but they gain more speed!

McLaren is known for ‘’reasonably’’ powerful cars, but with great performances. As we saw on MP4-12C. Now, they announced, that production of a brand new model, 675LT will start soon! This car will be presented at the Geneva auto show, next week. There is no much information about this car, but McLaren shared the most important!

This car will be faster from 0-120mph than normal cars reach 0-60mph! It is powered by a 3.8L twin turbo V8, producing 666BHP. The gearbox is 7 speed (there is no information but we believe it is double-clutch gearbox). 0-62mph time is 2.9 seconds, 0-124mph in 7.9 seconds, and a top speed is 205mph!

For these performances are responsible powerful engine, great gearbox and lightweight body. This car weighs only 2.711 pounds, 220 pounds less than current 650S! Many manufacturers are reducing weight of their cars, instead of increasing power. Because, lighter cars are cheaper to make, more economical and have better handling than heavy cars with more power!

The 675LT is designed for track and street. Its price is still unknown, but it will be more than $300.000! If you were planning to buy one, well, you can’t! Although there is no information about how many cars will be made, we know this is a small number, and they are already pre-sold!