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The company GILERA is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers.

With the name Gilera must, from today’s viewpoint be seen, one of the developments in the building of motorcycles, perhaps tiefgreifensten, be called.

The crosswise inserted four-cylinder engine .

The beginning

History Gileras goes on the first years 20. Century back. The first development Giuseppe Gileras was, in the year 1909, the VT 317.

It possessed an a cylinder engine with ca.7PS, built sketched, by Gilera themselves and, implantiert into a kind Fahrradrahmen. This type of machine was used for various running meetings (mountain-run or local road running). The development of these a cylinders continued over models, like 3.5 HP Tourismo of 1920, the VLSS of 1925, the VL and VT models in the years 1930-1938. A provisional end of this development set the VTE Otto bulloni approx. 1940.

This machine was thereby also the direct predecessor that, only after the war built, Saturno.

The emergence of the four-cylinder

While Giuseppe Gilera was busy in close proximity to Milan with the development of its 1923 of two freshbaked Italian engineers, Carlo Gianini and Piero Remor, a prototype of a four-cylinder row engine were sketched and built. This engine, equipped with a obenliegenden cam shaft, had 490ccm capacity and approx. 28PS. One year after found a further motorcycle enthusiast, count Giovanni Bonmartini, its way to two engineers. The first complete motorcycle was finished in the same year.

The GRB four-cylinder was designated, after the initials of the Trios. By substantial money problems of the friends an end was set for the advancement of this motorcycle. Count Bonmartini, Besitzer of the aircraft factory CNA took over then the complete rights at this four-cylinder project. Gianini was employed as an engineer with it and entrusted with the development of aircraft engines.

An advancement of the motorcycle engine took place only again in the year 1934. In addition a further engineer and a highly gifted driver were gotten to Piero Taruffi in the boat. The engine received now two obenliegende cam shafts, a complete water cooling and a compressor.

The achievement amounted to now approx. 60PS with 8500 rpm. 1934 sold its factory to count Bonmartini at Caproni, a further Italian airplane manufacturer.

Caproni was interested however not in the motorcycle developments and looked for again a buyer for this part of the CNA.

At this time Giuseppe Gilera went into action. Taruffi changed the possibility under professional conditions the advancement with this Deal directly also to Gilera and had to advance now. The engine, the transmission and the chassis received improvements.

Successes in international running occupy this development. The Second World War stopped an advancing also here. In addition, the 500er four-cylinder dominated after the war the king class. Since after the war the installation was forbidden by loader systems, Gilera remained sketching nothing else completely again remaining as the engines. The development of the motorcycles succeeded so well that the GP-Gilera six Weltmeisteritel in seven years! won.

Altogether 44 running was won.

This four-cylinder technology was sold later at mV Agusta and attained with this company Weltruhm.

The Piaggio Aera

In the 80’s Piaggio aroused the name Gilera again to new life: The Saturno as classical a cylinder motorcycle and the Enduro RC600, with which several victories were brought in with the Paris Dakar, particularly in the Silouette class.

Gilera built the so-called Supermoto and/or Funbikes as the first in series: The northwest can be regarded as the origin of standard Supermoto motorcycles. At this converted Enduros road-suited rims, chassis and brake assemblies are built.

Today under the name Gilera only scooters and small motor cycles are manufactured.


Capacity starting from 125 ccm 11 KW

Gilera 500 Dakota
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