Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2
Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2

Gipro Gear Indicator with ATRE Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator, Cagiva, Suzuki

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Gipro Gear Indicator with ATRE Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator.

2 in 1 product. Indicator and is it eliminates the limitations in speed and speed in 6th. present on Suzuki and Kawasaki. 

It works better and is more stable and accurate than a normal Gear Indicator because it reads the gear sensor original, turns and speed as others. 

It works better than other de- limiters because it can be disabled with the button under the display of 2.5 cm. 

Other products simulate the IV gear. always. GIpro can simulate the 4th. 5th. 6th or be disabled,  simply by pressing the button under the display. 

Other products also hold the 4th gear in neutral and you can not start the engine with the sidestand down to warm. GIpro automatically turns off when the bike is in neutral. 

Display red or blue, variable lighting automatically by the sensor. 

Requires 10 minutes for the assembly (30 on some Kawasaki ) and does not require removal cowling or instrumentation. 

It does not interfere with other devices such as a Power Commander or SpeedoHealer. 

And ‘ reprogrammable 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

(1) Will both the Gipro and the Speedo Healer work together (because i know my speedo is really off?)

Sure, both units will work perfecty.

(2) I have a Power Commander PC3 or PC5, is there any reason to get the Gipro?

Yes! The benefits are:

The Power commander can adjust the Fuel map only, while the ATRE disables the timing retarder used in lower gears.

ATRE will disable the speed limiter (GSX-R 1000, GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa, DL 1000 V-Strom, M 109R) while the Power Commander will not.

You’ll find the gear indicator function extremely useful in varius situation.

(3) I do not Have a Power Commander, is there any reason to get the Gipro?

Yes! The same benefits apply as above.

The Gipro works perfectly with or without a Dinojet Power Commander, Bazzaz Z-Fi or similar Fi module,

(4) I do not wish to alter the stock gear maps, can i use the gi function only?

Yes! We ship the Gipro with ATRE mode disabled.

The Gipro is the best gear indicator you can get for your Suzuki.

Its not like competing products that all suffer from lag and incorrect readings.

Your other option is to get a Gipro DS-series gear indicator, which has a smaller display and does not have ATRE function.

(5) The website says that the ATRE function is turned off as default, does this mean that when i stop,the function has to be manually reengaged via the button?

No. Once enabled, the settings won’t be cleared unintentionally, even if you disconnect the battery.

(6) Is it possible to check which ATRE mode in use?

Yes, simply press and release the button.

The actual mode in indicated ( blinking) for 3 seconds.

If you wish to change the setting, press the button again while the display in blinking.

(7) Which ATRE mode should i use?

We list the recommended setting for all bikes in the user’s guide.

However, you can try all modes and see which works best for your bike.

(8) Can i connect the Gipro red wire to a switched power lead?

Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2

Yes, you can splice the wire to any + 12V switched power lead, such as the hot wire of the license plate light.

This is the recommended method as the unit not draw any current when the ignition key is turned off.

(9) The clutch safety switch has been disabled on mi bike, will this potentially affect the ability of the GIPRO to function correctly?

The Gipro will work fine with clutch switch disabled.

However, with disabled clutch switch, your ECU MAY  use the restricted ignition map regardless whether ATRE is enabled or not.

Make sure your switch is disabled such a way thet the ECU can read the switch signal properly, only the starter relay is grounded permanently.


Steve, with Kawasaki ZX-10R 06:

I just purchased your GIPRO ATRE for my Kawasaki ZX10R and you make an assume product, the soft setting was like adding one tooth to the rear sprocket and the hard setting was like adding three, the ZX10R in stock form is little difficult to launch from a stop because it’s geared so high and because of the retarded timing, it was goofy having a 1000 cc bike that i had to slip the clutch on to get going, now with the GIPRO i can just pull away from a stop no proble, thank you!

Howard, with Kawasaki ZX-10R 07:

I have installed the GIPRO and works fantastic, installation was a snap, i am so very pleased with it that i am recommending it to every one that i talk to, this has got to be one of my best mods to my bike so far.

David, with Kawasaki ZX-10R 07:

I’ve just purchased this pruct and set ATRE to mode 1, unbelievable. everything that i have read up on this product has been true.

Abslolutely no regrets! thanks for making such a well product!


I just tested mine on a full day ride, no problem with mine senses gear every time.

Works pretty damm well for me, love the TRE  too. superb product.

Carl, with Kawasaki ZZR 1400 06:

The lag that is built into the bike is gone, this makes the bike much smoother, the rubber band effect in gone and the bike pulls steadily thru the rev range! the Gipro makes riding in town a lot more fun, as there is a reduced amount of downshifting, since the bike pulls harder in the lower rev range.

The same applies to highway drinig, while its always fun to drop a gear or two to pass traffic, i find that i have a tendency to let the bike pull the gear in a passing situation with the unit on.

Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2
Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2
Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2
Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2
Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2
Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2
Triumph Daytona 750 reduced effect #2
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