General Motors (GM) has started its roll out program that will see its new software’s to dealerships that will make it very hard for them to sell vehicles which have been recalled by mistake before conducting a recall work as expected.

During a phone interview with a local news agency, GM’s global vice president of Customer Care and after sales, Tim Turvey said that, “we consider safety a core value, a core priority.”
Turvey went on to state that GM’s software tools will be phased in through the third quarter adding that they will begin with an “incentive lookup block.”

A statement issued out by GM with regards to the software stated that the software will make it impossible for dealership to look up incentives that are applied to a particular vehicle in an event that the vehicle has been subjected to a recall and there is no records as to what work has being conducted.

GM’s new software comes a year after the U.S. based car maker recalled over 27 million cars last year due to defects with its ignition-switch. General Motors claim that as of Friday, compensation for 84 victims of fatal car crashes which had resulted due to the defects with their ignition switch had been approved by the administrator.

The new software will see car dealerships looking up the identification numbers of vehicles which have been subjected to recalls. However they will be able to look up one vehicle at a time on the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.