Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept

Green Wheels: Honda AC-X plug-in hybrid concept

The green machine

This auto has a grand exterior and looks stylish as well as sporty. The design is a blend of traditional and modern, so unique and swish that it is bound to be loved by most onlookers. The silvery metallic finish with the neon blue peeking here and there from the chassis make the auto look absolutely splendid. It will definitely strike a cord with the masses.

The interiors are quite comfy and hi tech. The spacious inside makes this new sedan a good choice for a family car.

A few innovations used in this clean and green car will leave some flustered at first. There is a pair of joysticks instead of a steering wheel. These joysticks retract while driving and give the vehicle a semi automatic function.

Rightly called the next generation plug in hybrid, this new car from the Japanese automaker Honda will be showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show in the end of November 2011. The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show will have a whole array of futuristic and sporty autos on exhibit.

The car is designed for efficient operation and mechanisms fitted in ensure that it gets maximum mileage and is fuel efficient. You will enjoy yourself thoroughly while steering this auto. It can be maneuvered with ease in the crowded city, the less dense country and even over long distances. The auto has two drive modes, the automatic is for laid back steering while the engine is when you want to speed away with high momentum. You will be optimizing fuel consumption in the automatic mode.

But when you want to speed away, just switch to the engine mode which uses both the combustion engine and electric system to propel the auto with greater traction.

Better aerodynamics when you are whizzing away in your auto have always been sought after. This auto has the innovative AC-X Adjustable Aerodynamics Bumper fitted in. The front and rear bumpers can be shifted up and down for better aerodynamics when you are driving.

The powertrain

Like all other hybrids, this auto also has a combustion engine and an electric motor. A 1.6 liter gasoline combustion engine and a 120 kw electric motor are fitted in. The vehicle can generate a horsepower of 127, which is quite remarkable.

When the auto has a full charge and the tank is loaded full with gas, then it can gain a mileage of 100 mpg. Also, it can go a distance of 620 miles without a need to refuel or recharge. When in the fuel economy mode, it moves at the speed of 260 mpg.

The highs

The AC-X is the latest plug in hybrid from Honda – it incorporates a promising technology for the future. AC-X stands for Advances Cruiser X and the all new auto definitely lives up to its name. With two different driving modes for the city and highway, this car is based on a novel concept and is a good change from the older integrated motor assist that the company used in the past.

Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept

The AC-X comes with a smart key, also known as the Honda smart connect. About the size of a smartphone, this is a handheld device that can be docked and monitors the charge level of the vehicle. You can refer to this and find out when you need to plug in the car next for a recharge.

The two displays in the green auto will enthrall you; there is a display for drivers on the windscreen along with another panoramic 3D view of the adjacent neighborhood through which you are passing by. This 3D display comes up on the entire dashboard so that driver as well as the passengers can have a delightful view of the surroundings they are driving through. This small detail is sure to excite many and will add to the market frenzy for this auto.

Many other autos from Honda are also making a foray into the market along with the AC-X. The Small Sports EV will be a smooth drive. The Micro Commuter is touted to be a strange concept car.

The three wheeled electric scooter called E-Canopy will also be unveiled. The company will also introduce two electric bikes; the RC-E super sports bike and the Honda Motor Compo.

The lows

The car could have an exterior that is even more futuristic and modern, one that would match up with its highly technical and advanced interiors. The new joysticks for steering could confound a few, especially since this auto is a family sedan.

Cost and availability

As the car will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month, the details regarding its price and availability are not known yet.

Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept
Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept
Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept
Honda DN-01 Automatic Sports Cruiser Concept

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