Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept

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jdunn501: I don’t understand what HD is thinking either. To dump both the 883 and 1200 roadster and NOT offer this for 2009 was stupid. Going to buy the new 2009 Bonneville instead.

Doesn’t have the CC’s but can run in the twisties better.

King Suzuki GSX: And the last example of Nick Ienatch was between racing drivers in a controled enviroment. Most people read the crap that magazines write and think this bike is good or not depending on the magazines opinions. that is all bull$h*t my friend. Most now days bikes handle well and are very capable. especially the ones designed from track. People have to learn how to ride bikes instead from judging out of the paper or behind a screen.

Happy riding to all.

Kristoffer Hansen: @KingSuzukiGSX1400 Stop assuming stuff you have no idea about. I run motorcycle websites, and have a TT600r motard, a R1 streetbike and a old XL500 for the woods. And I have never been overtaken by a HD