Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept

Harley Davidson XR 1200: super sport

Harley-Davidson the promises 100% adapted to European collectors of sports roadsters. But the Harley Davidson XR1200 is primarily a “Super Spotter” in the soul, to look as irresistible as his soaped and capable of the best … provided it adheres to its “USA Spirit”.

Harley Davidson XR 1200: The complete test

Fans of big twins and the U.S. motorcycle-station subscribers know the legendary Harley Davidson XR750. As hardy effective, this bike has built a track record of incredible clay rings and contributes to fuel the legend of the brand. Then of course there are many who dreamed of one day to make available a version of this sacred wisdom “Turner in circles”, dedicated this time to the road.

After the highly confidential XR 1000 output in 1983, it took until 2008 to see this finally happen is, that once promised a much more ambitious commercial future.

Indeed, the XR1200 is the first Harley-Davidson’s history launched initially in Europe, and for good reason: it is responsible for carrying on the old continent with the U.S. offensive bikers sensitive to the image of the brand, but also anxious to stick to their old driving habits local…. Thus, the ambition of Harley-Davidson proves it can not be clearer: to increase its market share in France (France expects 650 HD XR 1200 sold in 2008) but also in Italy, Germany and England in particular, by seeking to clients other than its usual bikers bikes through their genes more titillating sports. Let’s see it.

Also special is captivating

These are probably the images of dirt track, these crazy tumbling nearly 200 km / h without drift and brake out of corners, that first come to mind when you discover the Harley Davidson XR 1200. Its color (the red) to the general line through the big tires the two mufflers and the seat so car driver, the vehicle does not hide any sources of inspiration. But his size and his power / weight ratio were quick to scan your illusions.

Exit the 1 kg / hp. (Approximately) of the XR 750 (!), The XR 1200 91 horses she promises to … 250 kg dry. Yes, it is far from our standards “supersport”, this machine based on the basis of the classic Sportster XL 1200, an overhaul to boost its performance significantly.

And who knows the American motorcycle, agree that this scientist mixes is assessed from the first sip … of air / fuel mixture, of course! The noise of the suction resonant injection into the reservoir accompanies any fiercely revving. A sound very serious almost matt, mounted between the legs while the exhaust plays it on a more discreet.

This is certainly unusual as it is captivating in city traffic, as provided by the ergonomics this bike … Do not worry, it allows most of the templates to ask at least one foot flat on the ground. However, the Harley Davidson XR 1200 you happily quartered arms via large handlebars and feet on either side of the lower engine mousse kind.

Thus, according to their length, you probably little opportunity to tighten the tank between the legs, especially since the right deck housing the master brake cylinder abuts against the heel by spreading it further to outside … If we add a flat seat with square edges and uncomfortable, you understand that ergonomics is certainly not the strong point of the machine. Is the first sign of a bike with character, in the words devoted…?

Bison running the show sharp

The scrolling km, the intimacy between man and machine is no lack of form and less attention to refer to essentially the engine! Mixture Sportster and Buell, this one does not lack quality. Copiously revised, the V twin 1200 cm3 agrees to resume in 2000 rev / min on the latest reports thereafter to convey his crew without fuss.

Harley-Davidson XR 1200 Concept

Certainly, it vibrates copiously in footrest, a little less in the handles, and its injection is probably not the most regular constant speed. He also lost the “roundness” of the Sportster base in the first half of its rev range for acceleration wiser. For its part, the gearbox has not forgotten its slowness and firmness usual (though still tolerable daily).

So you need further explore the graduations of the tachometer to finally relieve the left foot … And expose your rear to the famous kick so much appreciated by our brotherhood! Do not see any deviance weird, but the XR 1200 is good news for most demanding of us passed the 3500 rev / min. At this point, it’s a horde of buffalo Smart who leads the dance while you try to relieve the handlebars to avoid too offload the front of the machine, kind of light.

The Harley Davidson XR 1200 in this case follows its course without too much trouble when you try somehow to squeeze your knees against the tank and lower your head to relieve the bust of wind pressure … We forgot these requirements rustic for ages in many roadsters “standardized”. And at that moment, it’s also what kind of “details” that can make the case to release less courageous while the trendiest area will see just feed their hunger marginality. Those able to enjoy this magical moment hesitating between walking pace and sustained sports “old” on this decidedly “not like other” Harley Davidson XR 1200.

Super sportster … but not Supersport!

While it remains to apply a precautionary flight of the Harley Davidson XR 1200 is of course the anticipation. Better then not to dive too fast to the rope to keep the possibility of expanding out of corners and avoid any land on the footrest or the pots … The lack of ground clearance requires continuous attention.

But throughout the day, after the first photo shoots “wild” (the left knee, to “sort”), it becomes almost surprising to see how the bike affects your riding for you to pass almost unconsciously a faster cast but no less effective. Between 3500 rev / min and 6000 r / min (or 7000 rev / min on long straights), the Harley Davidson XR 1200 can keep pace with roadsters “general public”, even consenting to lose ground on the corner or over bumps, fault too soft suspension hydraulics.

But is it really worth emphasizing this point? Because the main thing here in the manner to be considered from the road and walk (supported if necessary) on a motorcycle very atypical. From there to consider purchasing this Harley Davidson XR 1200 to replace its daily roadster Japanese or European (as its designers have) without further formalities, better still be aware of all that separates it from most of its “competitors” announced in terms of overall performance of course, but also ergonomic, licensing and practical aspects. As vibrant as it is, this bike is a “Super sportster” at heart, has greater potential to usual standards … brand above.

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