Found this tough-lookin Honda GoldWing bobber on the website the Naked GoldWings website. It’s the bike-of-the-month and not surprising. What a transformation!

These old Wings can be bought running for a song these days and are an excellent basis for a mean looking bobber or streetfighter.

As this page grows there will no doubt be more and more GoldWing bobbers. If you decide to convert one of these behemoths make sure the engine and electrics work perfectly as diagnosing and fixing problems will get expensive and you want to blow your cash on your design, not repairs.

The best and easiest part of turning your GoldWing into something unique has got to be the teardown. Go as far as your wrenching talents will take you and have a beer and a blast stripping the beast down to something from which to execute your design.

This GoldWing here is about the meanest and nastiest looking bobber I’ve seen, but strangely enough, the seat/frame combo reminds me of the Honda Ruckus 50!

However, I think this bike might show up on the Honda Streetfighters page as it’s kinda like an urban assault vehicle!

Snake Wheeler Honda CB450 bobber

Here’s a great example of a Honda bobber motorcycle done right and inexpensively.

Memphis Tennessees’ Snake Wheeler put few bucks but lots of design into this faux hard-tail ride. With some green accents setting off the tough looking black paint, a solo saddle, hugger fender with droopy tail-light, and sweet high-pipes among other fine touches, this Honda bobber looks like a blast to ride!

It’s a total inspiration for bobber fans who like to go out and wrench their own bikes into shape.

This Honda CB750F motored bobber is the creation of Chris Tragert of Venice Choppers.

Says Chris This bare-knuckle venice bobber is a product of its environment. A light, compact weapon needed to slice through the traffic-choked urban sprawl surrounding the sea-side oasis where it was conceived. Lightweight, quickness, agile handling, and good brakes were top priority.

The resulting menacing appearance would give murderous cagers something to text about.

Bloody nice job too!

Heiwa Motorcycles Honda custom bobbers

Heiwa Motorcycles in Japan is a custom builder specializing in lightweight and middleweight Honda based bobber motorcycle specials.

As you can see here, Heiwa Motorcycles likes to use older and not-so-old Honda motors as a basis from which to build amazingly detailed and crafted bobbers.

Unfortunately for bobber motorcycle enthusiasts outside Japan, you will likely never see one on the street, unless you’re very lucky. Few Heiwa Motorcycle bobber specials have been sold abroad and their web-site is unfortunately written in Japanese.

So, unless you read Japanese, travel there, or get lucky and spot one at a bike show, Heiwa Motorcycles will remain something of a mystery to the rest of us.

Let’s hope Heiwa puts up an English language web-site sometime soon!

This Heiwa Motorcycles Honda Rebel based bobber is another example of fine craftsmanship and design. It’s hard to find any stock parts on Heiwa’s bobbers save the motors, so have some fun and see if you can spot any!

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