Honda CBR 250 R

Honda CBR 250 R

On land Kawasaki Ninja 250 R landed a new small sports stamped Honda. On paper, some will point at the outset that this Honda CBR 250 R is less powerful than the “Ninjette” (33 c. For Kawa, 26.4 hp. For Honda). However, in his wallet, this sporty pocket has other advantages seduction, starting with its build quality and sleek and attractive plastic.

Made primarily for the Asian emerging markets of South-East or South America, the Honda CBR 250 R designed in Thailand (such as CBF 125 or 125 PCX) has a rewarding aesthetic that will appeal to sure the Europeans, novices and experienced men and women.

Honda CBR 250 R

must recognize indeed that home designers have not missed their shot … pencil. Taking the lines of the last VFR 1200 front, either at the optical or the upper opening of the side panels “multilayer”, the CBR 250 R has a decent template, near the big GT the mark. It even has an engine guard wrapping certainly cast in a somewhat crude black plastic, but fans of customization are sure to install the item in the manufacturer’s catalog proposed carbon among plethora of other references elsewhere.

Honda CBR 250 R

Undeniably, the CBR 250 R looks great and gives off even the same impression of sportiness that other members of the CBR family. If the smallness of the wheels does not betray its displacement, it would be perfectly quart illusion in the middle of the pack cubing CBR 600, see 1000 cm3. The rear part is less sharp as it.

However with two large stools well staged and passenger handles, it is none the less careful and welcoming, at least he seems!

Moto-Station try the Honda CBR 250 R 2011

Well observed! It is a comfort that sport receives in fact the host of the day (or always?). With the saddle positioned 780 mm, no need to pull the ladder to ride the sport on which small jigs will feel at ease – very large (over 1.85 m) a little less since their knees may be disrupted by the skin.

The width of the seat (in which U is a range) and return to the small stall kidneys driver provide acceptable comfort, even if the ride would last forever.

Behind the bubble, the board of sophisticated edge breathe deeply sportsmanship. The spotlight is made ​​to analog tachometer placed centrally. Below, the pad provides the crystal is useful to conduct this two and a half information. It drives the mechanical and Central tachometer needle is active with vigor. Left hand on the clutch, flexible box shown smoothness.

One is engaged, start immediately to attack the city.

Moto-Station try the Honda CBR 250 R 2011

The sound of the 4-stroke is not exceptional, however he sings a few octaves lower than the CBR 125. Logic! From the first meters, a first impression of ease emerges from this Honda CBR 250 R . The short-wheelbase (1369 mm), weight content (161 kg all wet!) And its steering angle, great for sports, make it handy at all points or agile.

Compact, the 250 R has no difficulty to play traffic.

Honda CBR 250 R

At low speed, it is not at all tiring. This is from 3000 rev / min as its cylinder wakes, but below, it is not completely unbearable – a few fits and starts it generates are much less pronounced effect on a larger displacement engine. For city-like usual, it is flexible and provides a comfortable ride proved.

The protection offered by the fairing is pretty good and close to the road category.

Honda CBR 250 R

To this, add “real” mirrors, a little tiring driving position and a powerful braking (but not too much!) and available and you will understand why we plébiscitons CBR 250 R for everyday use, in solo duo. The few vibrations felt in the midrange does not even tarnish this table. However, the air rises IRC did not particularly blessed us, especially on wet asphalt.

Well fortunately we tested here a model equipped with ABS handset, an option that is not available in France.

Honda CBR 125 R

The “journalist cup” makes its verdict

A home in the city, however, we know that those who crack for this splendid little sports are sure to take him on other grounds, much more players. In this context, they will benefit from the new engine developed by Honda . a cylinder with the latest innovations of the brand (we’ll talk about in the “To remember”). To play in the courtyard of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 R, Honda could have used the twin of the VTR 250 (which is not sold in France).

But the winged brand preferred to the choice of a cylinder, as if by chance a cut 250 were to develop, it would appear wise choice in terms of weight, acceleration, pure power, alertness and costs.

But for now, the only competition which is engaged in the Honda CBR 250 R is one that brings together European journalists attending the press presentation. Released in a pack on the back roads of the area of Seville, fans flock that we are quick to fully exploit the capabilities of the small displacement sports. The mechanics then reveals a linear character, but still swift therefore that tickles the towers.

Output curve, better play selector to restart efficiently. Fortunately, the drive is easy and the answer is quickly felt. The extension is more than correct (with a top speed of 157 km / h meter) and the machine trust.

Its handling is difficult to fault and the Honda CBR 250 R is rigorous in the fast corners.

Honda CBR 250 R

Through his rear shock absorber based on a link (Pro-Link system), escalation is required. The hydraulic fork seems well designed to provide comfort and accuracy on one side changes angles to each other. However, the heavy braking, weight transfer causes a dive sometimes excessive hair.

The Honda CBR 250 R delight undoubtedly bikers wishing to learn the circuit, but she quickly show some limitations.

Conclusion: Seductive exotic!

Only on its sports segment 250 cm3, the Kawasaki Ninja 250 R takes an average of 170 copies per year (163 units registered in 2008, 181 in 2009 and 168 in 2010). In this segment, most certainly become given the ambient repressive climate, Honda hopes to sell at least 300 CBR 250 R per year. To achieve this, in addition to the intrinsic qualities of this nice two and a half, the Japanese automaker has one last argument, this time budget.

The difference is indeed feel at the pump (with a standard consumption of 3.7 l ./100 km according to the manufacturer), when it comes to pay his insurance premium, but also when signing the order. CBR 250 R is sold € 3,990 while off promo, Kawasaki costs € 1,000 more. A rate made ​​possible by the Thai manufacturing but also large volumes that should flow into emerging countries, where 250 cm3 make recipe.

Hopefully here sporting Thai sauce will not appear too exotic.

Honda CBR 125 R
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