Honda CR 80cc Dirt Bike

Honda CR80 And The World Of Motocross!

The History Of Honda Dirt Bikes

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Honda. I’m sure you’ve seen a Honda. You see a metallic “H” enveloped my a soft edge square shape and you know that that vehicle’s a Honda.

Honda has been here for a long time.

Honda was founded by Soichihiro Honda. He wasn’t a mechanical engineer by profession, but he did have an immense interest in all things automotive. He studied and taught himself the technical knowhow necessary for him to work in the world of automotives.

He designed his first engine which he wished to sell to Toyota.

However, the 2 nd World War got in the way of Honda’s automotive dreams. The war prevented him developing his engine designs with Toyota. Coupled with the post-war condition of Japan, it looked like Honda’s dream of becoming an automotive engineer was gone.

Then he had an idea of putting a small, lightweight engine to an everyday bicycle. These small motorized bikes captured the interest of post-war Japan. They were efficient, and more importantly, they were cheap. They didn’t eat up too much from Japan’s already limited oil reserves.

And they gave the people motorized vehicles they can use for their everyday lives.

These small bikes became the very first Honda motorcycles. Fast forward, and Honda has become a respected household name.

Honda And Motocross

Honda has long developed dirt bikes. Honda’s motorcycles are known for their reliability, their performance, and their durability. Probably as long as motocross has been a recognized sport, Honda has been a part of it.

Honda CR 80 R2

Brands like Honda, Yamaha. and Suzuki are long been part of the history of motocross. Motocross wasn’t always a recognized and respected sport. Before, these sorts of events were looked down at by critics. These events started in the United Kingdom.

They were done during the waiting periods and trials of motorcycle races. Riders and enthusiasts would showcase their skills. You see usually during these races, speed was the only thing important.

So while waiting, they performed other skills like their coordination, their balance, and their ability to control the movement of their machines.

Over time, motocross bikes became a legitimate and respected sport. Motocross riders garnered the respect and recognition of other professional athletes and sports critics.

Honda CR 80 And More

Honda motorcycles have been good choices for motocross riders. For those who’ve wanted to get into the world of motocross, their journey begins with buying their first dirt bikes. Getting Honda dirt bikes is a good choice. Hondas are reliable and durable.

The Honda CR 80 and the Honda CR 85 are good starter bikes for beginners.

Below are the specifications of the Honda CR series bikes. Remember, these are suggestions. It’s still best to compare and contrast bikes, to get the one that’s best for you.

Honda CR 80 R2
Honda CR 80 R2
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