Honda Vision

Honda Vision 110 Scooter – Replacement for Dio in Europe

Honda Motor Europe announced that its fast-growing scooter family receives a new member – a stylish 110cc commuter that combines ample performance with superb fuel economy. It also boasts plenty of storage space, Honda’s Combined Braking System and comfort for both rider and passenger. This new scooter is named as  Vision 110.

The Vision 110 is likely to be the replacement of the Dio in the European market. The best news is that this scooter will be manufactured in the Indian plant and would then be exported to the UK.

A close look at the Vision 110 made me feel that it resembles the Honda Aviator to a certain extent, especially in the front and the rear part of it. This scooter is expected the rock the UK roads by the end of August this year. That means that the production should have begun in the Indian plant by this point of time, proving the fact that only then launch could be carried out.

What makes me interested in this news is that the looks and the spec sheet of this scooter seems like it is an ideal fit to the Indian market. That means this might come to India at a later point. We have no clues on if it would be a replacement model for the present Activa and Duo or would come as a standalone model.

The Vision 110 features an ergonomically designed seat at a height of 760mm, allowing plenty of legroom. There is the luggage space under the seat, with the additional option of helmet holders on both sides of the under-seat compartment to allow for this area to be left for storing luggage or other shopping stuff. The leg shield in front of the rider provides not only effective weather protection but also additional storage as the two open compartments are ideal for holding drinks bottles securely.

The manufacturer is also making a wide range of accessories which include an alarm kit, a U-lock, high windscreen (remember the Kinetic Marvel which had the windscreen as an accessory)and hand guards as well.

The Honda Vision 110 equipped with a 110cc Fuel Injected engine. The manufacturer claims a fuel economy of 50.2 kmpl. The scooter weighs only 102 kg which is about 8 kg less than the present Activa.

Honda claims a peak power output of 8.4PS @ 8000 rpm and a peak torque of 8.7 Nm @ 6500rpm.  The Vision 110 is also a Euro 3 compliant.

To mention about the brakes of the Vision 110, it uses a Combined ABS – the one that is used in the recently launched Honda CBR 250R, which is far superior that the Honda Aviator that is the benchmark for Indian scooters.

The Vision 110 is priced at £1800 which equals around 1.35 lakh in terms of INR. But, iof the same comes to India, it would be priced in par with other scooters in the market. This model will be available in the colours of Pearl Procyon Black, Boss Grey Metallic, Pearl White, Candy Lucid Red and Candy Aluja Blue.

Honda Vision

Here is the detailed specification list of the yet to be launched Honda Vision 110.


Displacement. 108cc

Engine. 4 stroke OHC 2 valve single

Maximum Power. 8.3 Bhp @ 8000 rpm

Maximum Torque. 8.7 Nm @ 6500 rpm

Honda Vision
Honda Vision
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