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As his talented brother, PCX, the new Honda Vision 110 is a scooter economic and functional, built for the Asian and European markets. But what is this universality claimed by the entry-level home in the event of a test in real conditions of use and city traffic? latestbikesinfo .com responds.

The dashboard displays only 2 km on the clock and yet it is with confidence that Honda tells us of his new handlebar switch freshly unpacked from the container, the Honda Vision 110 . The break is no longer on the agenda of this kind of mechanical and, given its price / quality ratio, Honda seems certain of his aim with this model directly from its factories in Guangzhou China.

The installation on board the city entry level seems to agree with the Japanese manufacturer. Comfortable on the narrow, tapered seat, the driver instantly takes its brands. The ergonomics of the controls could not be more instinctive, even those not used to driving on scooters brand will become familiar with a flashing button reverse to that of the horn.

Otherwise, the controls fall naturally under the hands and rear vision is good. Floor, there is room for the feet and the deck layout is such that the big guys have enough space to fit their knees. The drivers consist of small size without difficulty with a base located only 755 mm of soil.

The first contact is promising!

The Honda Vision 110 is the job

The dashboard is the least refined, but still readable. In the absence of kick, however, very useful when you loose the battery in the winter for example, the mechanism is set in motion via the starter button to the right. The engine is running now … and silence reign.

With an immediate response to the accelerator and a low weight ( only 108 kg – given manufacturer – in running order ) . the Honda Vision 110 is rapidly taking off. The ramp-up not very linear distills vibration.

In town, the Vision speeds effectively, but shows some limitations of past sixty km / h on the clock. 110 cm3 engine requires, the performance of this block are much less impressive than those of Honda PCX or Honda SH 125, also present at the roll of presentation.

However, as they say in the jargon, this single cylinder 4-stroke two-valve air-cooled “ makes the job “ . while one is confined to the limits of the city. If by chance we venture to make fast axes, the lack of response in the low times and top speed of Honda Vision 110 ( measured at 91 km / h – 100 km / h meter ) are not the most appropriate to kind of exercise … Especially the lack of facial and lateral protections reinforces our impression.

Too bad, because with a sturdy frame and a good sized chassis, this scooter is remarkably compact the road and a mechanical deserved a little more powerful. His versatility would have been even better. We console ourselves, however with a relatively low fuel consumption, measured at 2.7 l/100 km .

Its handling inspires confidence

Whatever the pace at which, despite its compactness and simplicity of its suspension, the Honda Vision 110 indeed inspire confidence. It is neither too “ jigger “ or too soft. While camped on its 14-inch wheels, with a frame showing a high stiffness, the small switch curve fits precisely and maintains its course there with ease.

Place a tight turn or roundabout – even at high speed – is not a problem, and especially since the ground clearance is also pretty good. Given the long seat and footrest independent, the passenger is well off. However, it will ensure that it is not too heavy, because ballasted weight of two adults “ in the standard “, the boundaries of suspension of the Honda Vision 110 appear so quickly.

An entry with combined brake!

Reassuring in terms of dynamics, the Vision is the next stop. While it only has a rear drum ( normal range on the inputs ), but coupled by the famous CBS Honda combined system, the brake by pulling the full available only lever left conspicuous by its efficiency. The distribution between the front and the back is optimal, which will delight the uninitiated to the use of a two-wheeler.

If one is requested ( via the right stick ), the front brake shown a good bite.

But as recommended by Honda, it will be necessary to operate the two levers together to have the best braking possible.

Although it is equipped with 14-inch wheels providing stability, the Honda Vision 110 retains good handling thanks to the finesse of its tires. They gave us complete satisfaction on dry surfaces, unfortunately part of our test does not allow us to validate this data in the wet.

Honda Vision 110: Another look at the basic scooter

Expectations of the city looking for a scooter simple, well made ​​and functional, with the Honda Vision 110 offers an answer. In addition, for a Japanese scooter sold only € 1 890, the Vision is not stingy with the practical aspects. We must admit, given the small space on the flat floor, it is difficult to carry a large bag.

Nevertheless, we met to be able to find this “ scooter pocket “, a storage space for a helmet under the seat, two empty pockets in the apron and a rear luggage rack.

The Honda Vision 110 also has two legs, the side has a circuit breaker. To this, consider enhancing its design, its build quality and materials used, picked up his size less than the Lead 110, and see why we imagine that the Vision will know better fate than its predecessor. The little brother of PCX is born!

Honda Vision
Honda Vision
Honda Vision
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