How to Adjust the Suspension on a Katana 750


Check the front fork’s rebound damping settings, using the adjuster knobs on the tops of both fork tubes on the upper steering clamp. Turn the left adjusting knob clockwise, using a flat screwdriver, counting the amount of clicks until the knob cannot be turned further. This is the current rebound setting.

Turn the rebound knob counterclockwise the same number of clicks to reset the rebound setting. Repeat on the right adjusting knob to ensure that both fork legs are set equally.

Adjust the rear shock absorber’s rebound damping setting, using the adjustment knob on the bottom of the shock absorber. Turn the adjustment knob clockwise until it cannot be turned further, using a flat screwdriver. Count the number of clicks heard until the knob stops. This is the shock absorber’s current rebound setting.

Turn the adjustment knob counterclockwise the same number of clicks to reset the rebound settings.

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On a motorcycle, there isn’t a lot of room for accessing every part, so some of them are hidden here or there.

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Shock dampening is one of the most important parts of suspension setup on a motorcycle. Shock dampening controls how fast a suspension.

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The GSX-R is a sport bike made by Suzuki. The GSX series of motorcycles is highly sought after within the street bike.

Suzuki Motorcycle Parts List. Suzuki Cycles produces a range of motorbikes. Suzuki makes and sells sport bikes, cruisers, touring bikes, motocross, standard.

Specifications for a 2005 Suzuki GSX750 Katana. Suzuki originally manufactured motorcycles under the Katana name as sport bikes in the early 1980s.

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The Katana is a line of sport-touring motorcycles produced and sold by Suzuki Motor Co. Originally designed as Suzuki’s flagship sportbike, the.

Finding the top speed of a motorcycle can be tricky. Compared to car manufacturers, motorcycle manufacturers tend not to make performance data.

2006 Katana 600 Specs. The Suzuki Katana was originally introduced in 1979 as a sport motorcycle, designed by Bavarian firm Target Design.

Suzuki Colleda CO
Suzuki Colleda CO
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