Husaberg FS 650 E
Husaberg FS 650 E

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Ren Strokes: @380erSumo and guilly6669 You are both wrong. The last 2 stroke 500’s made about 200 horse and the very, very last 250’s made 110-115 horse. Current 125’s in Motogp 125 make close to 60. Go look at the new 2 stroke Suter SRT 500, it makes almost 215 horse and weighs 270 lbs. There’s not a normally aspirated 4 stroke up to 1200cc that makes this kind of power.

The 2 stroke is the most powerful form of gasoline kinetic energy we have. And new E-tec 2 strokes match the best 4 strokes for economy.

andrewotter1212: Surely you were just playing with him. I know the Husaberg’s have short gear ratios because i have an FE 550, but they are bloody quick and they weigh almost the same as a 50cc moped

NemesisLooL: @thecrazyhenchman A 250 2 Stroke lives longer than a 650 Husaberg, because its a single zylinder. my dad’s 250 RS lived about 30k km and a Husaberg about 10k – 15k..

dementedx: its still a 250 2 stroke and lol 650 4 stroke