Husqvarna 900 Nuda

After KTM is the turn of another specialist off-road venturing on the road. Recently acquired by BMW, Husqvarna took the opportunity to dip into the organ bank of the Bavarians to develop a well-powered roadster, playful but very bare. And a low rate could complicate his task.

Frame, engine, suspension and big basta! The name of this roadster, Nuda – Nude in Italian – announces his philosophy. A keen eye will recognize many organs BMW, whose twin engine line 800 series.

Wearing a nice red cylinder head cover ( such as MV Agusta ), it has been seriously revisited by BMW engineers: 100 cm3 again, 105 against 87 horses and timing changes ( 315 ° against 360 ° ). Pistons, camshaft and crankshaft are specific ignition curve can be adjusted in two ways. Chassis side, the beautiful is hard to hide his trail trellis frame from the F 800 GS. Rims and swingarm come from the F 800 R roadster

Still, the Husqvarna900 Nuda is not a copy of BMW and offers a line of its own. Minimalist fairing, seat raised and wasp waist: she exudes lightness. The dry weight measured very confirms 174 kg.

It’s envy!

Saddle perched 870 mm, climb to the handlebars is not a mere formality for the bikers of 1, 70 m. Ascension is made, the foundation must get tough as IPN, despite apparent softness. We appreciate, however, the softness of commands ( levers adjustable by screw ) and the ease of the front guide, the big handlebar cross typed helping.

The musicianship is hoarse, almost too present, and inertia, after a brief blip, minimal. A change to accentuate the sporting aspect, but this block has not lost its flexibility: it always returns to 1500 rev / min in 5th gear. But the big difference is revealed in the high revs: if the twin of the BMW F 800 R draws the curtain over the 6,000 rev / min, that of the Nuda flies up to 9,000 rounds without flinching.

Suzuki Nuda

Last good point, its consolidated: between 4.5 and 5 l/100 km, it allows an autonomy of 260 km with 13 liters of the small tank. Nevertheless, this mechanism still vibrates as the second part of the tachometer, the vibrations that are felt mainly in the hands and feet.

The effectiveness of the chassis depends for its unique setting of the rear monoshock. Nuda played our first rocking horse on the deformation of the bitumen, the element having trouble Sachs shocks throughout its working stroke ( 180 mm ). Once set harder, the Nuda is a more stringent motorcycle, loves particularly the winding roads. The agility of the chassis and the grip offered by quality tires are allies.

Side of the coin, already reduced comfort is not improved and the ability to make the angle is quickly highlight a rather average ground clearance. The pilot was struggling to his boots back on short rests, especially on the left because of the exhaust. Side brake system Brembo offers a powerful and reassuring feeling.

Husqvarna Class roadster attacks the wrong way around: rather smart given the abundance of candidates in this niche. The Nuda is thus difficult to compare a Kawasaki Z 750 for example, because of its saddle high and extreme finesse. The simplicity of design pays off in use, but the driver’s side suffers quickly stripped of the craft.

Limit the saddle uncomfortable on long journeys and practical aspects are absent. The Nuda is dedicated to leisure, and, next to its price ( 9990 euros ) . not really competitive.

Suzuki Nuda
Suzuki Nuda
Suzuki Nuda

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