Kawasaki Versys Tourer

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bad8076: what is the rpm at topgear when cruising at 150kmh? tq

FragranceMonster: I got the versys 1000 its AMAZING. Much better than the Vstrom 650 by mile. Much more comfortable better brakes better seat better everything

FragranceMonster: I have a Suzuki vstrom 650 2012 model. I went to Europe this year on a tour and did 5000 miles. Never again. Nice bike but no way is it built for long tours.

I am thinking of buying the versus 1000.

Sue Edgeworth: If your wondering about why the work was done under other names. At the time I was very young. One of the youngest designers in the world. I was in a complicated situation. I also did get very mad at George Lucas mentioning my name on local radio in 1976 for some non technical work I did(writing and other design).

Because of those very problems. Predators aren’t pleasant. George’s close relative is Steven Spielberg(Ward – also my cousin).

George Papadopoulos: I don’t agree that you need a small cc bike.I bacicly recommened you get a big bike from the very begin.You will be ok as long as you drive safe!

osufrdave1: Good review. I really wanted it not to look like it was designed w a small stack of Legos. But, it is. I’m glad it has some good qualities.

andrewhtf: i currently own the 650, while i love most of the bike, i cant help but feeling the need for more power while travelling on speedways. however the v1000 costs double the 650 here in my country. ( i think a v800 (if ever made) would be nice.

Sue Edgeworth: Ummm funny on the Lego. No didn’t play with that you presumed it was a guy. Go talk to them off record then look at the Bombardier products too( Boeing Airbus, etc).

I can take criticism though. The World, Oasis, iNPipe, EDGE, D-Box, Eclipse, Kongsberg, etc. Then there was the military, space, research.(The crystal pyramid is a research complex like my other one HARRP). I quit designing/engineering after an aneurism in the 70s.(The tech is that old due to implementation/funding)

kfsh man: I was an owner of versys 650 and cant forget the feeling joy that i had with this motorcycle. The Versys is a champion in all aspects

2WheelsTV: We definitely recommend the 650 for a newcomer. The 650 is an all-round excellent package. The 1000cc is a BIG motorcycle.

Kawasaki Versys Tourer

m3host: Pode não parecer tão bonito como os BMW R1200GS, mas esta besta tem todos os extras que geralmente custam mais em outras motos da mesma norma. Curta mas boa resenha!

2WheelsTV: Mmmm I reckon the Versys is way better than the V-Strom but it is up to you. V-Strom is very dated in terms of technology and the Kawa looks a lot better.

Doc Tbag: Not available in the US! Seems the japanese missed the mark on the adventure bike while the europeans nailed it! Sure there’s the Super Tenere but it already looks and rides antiquated.

By the time Suzuk introduces the Vstrom 1000 in 2014, it will probably also be antiquated.

acewings221: Alright, thanks! Which would you recommend for an all year or all-weather motorcycle? Versys 2013 or V-strom Adventure ABS? It seems to be a complete tie between the two on google.

acewings221: Would you recommend a 1000 or 650 for new rider? I’m a quick learner.


Kawasaki 1000 Versys Review 4.6 out of 5

Kawasaki Versys Tourer
Kawasaki Versys Tourer

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