KTM 380 SX

FMF Pipes KTM 125-380

FMF Pipes KTM 125-380*

SST The SST is FMF’s top of the line 2-stroke exhaust pipe. Unique and trademarked via the SST module on the back and its chrome plating, the SST Exhaust system greatly improves the ENTIRE powerband. It was voted Product of the Year by Dirt Rider Magazine.

The secret to SST is the patented shape of the exhaust system, and it’s ability to increase horsepower through the use of sonic wave technology. The most noticeable element of an SST pipe are various bulges and funnel shapes, such as where the rear chamber meets the stinger section. There are also differences in pipe diameters and silencer junctions.

The SST exhaust system changes the sonic waves, backpressures and exhaust gas temperatures that effect engine performance and throttle response. You get more power. And better throttle response.

The SST System was developed by the team of Donnie Emler of FMF and Dave Simon, a pioneer inventor in sonic-wave technology. Add $20 for the SST Pipe.

Fatty The patented FMF Fatty Pipe is hands down the most copied performance exhaust pipe in the world. As with all FMF pipes, the Fatty is computer designed and dyno tested giving each bike model individual power gains. Tru-Flo stamping process ensures quality fitment, thus optimal performance. Fabricated from sturdy 19 gauge US steel, the Fatty is known for its all-encompassing power gains from bottom to top. Nickel plating provides a durable easy cleaning finish.

The FMF Fatty Pipe is our number one seller due to the excellent versatility it provides to racers and riders of all level motorcycles, mini bikes, and ATVs.

Factory Fatty You too can have the same factory pipe that some of FMF Racing+s top Supercross and Motocross riders and teams are using today: the new Factory Fatty Pipe! Over the years, Don Emler and company have been building pipes for various riders and teams that took a little more special attention during production, to suit their needs and requests. With feedback from his customers, Don decided it was time to offer these same un-plated factory level detailed pipes to the general public.

The Factory Fatty has the same shaped cone sections as the popular Fatty pipe, but offers some new features. The Factory Fatty is constructed with two different thicknesses of US steel. FMF uses 19 gauge steel for the header portion for optimum strength and durability, and uses thinner 20 gauge steel for the body and rear cone section for increased weight savings.

The thinner steel also yields a slight increase in power when compared to thicker materials (up to1/2 hp) due to more efficient wave resonance. During construction the seams are all hand pounded after the stamping process to give it a smoother transition between sections and that factory look. Last but not least, this pipe does not have the Gold Series nickel or chrome finish that FMF has been synonymous for. This pipe comes with a raw, un-plated, oiled finish.

KTM 380 SX
KTM 380 SX

The Factory Fatty has a tremendous amount of attention to detail. Bolting on a Factory Fatty pipe will enhance the powerband throughout the range. With increased horsepower and torque, you will not be sacrificing power to gain that full factory look.

All of FMF+s pipes go through an extensive RD process with dyno and track testing with a full gamut of test riders with various skill levels, to make sure what is released to the public has Don+s seal of approval. The Factory Fatty is available for 2003 65SX, 125SX, 200SX and 250SX. Add $30 for the Factory Fatty Pipe.

Rev The FMF Rev Pipe has been computer designed to provide substantial mid to top end power gains. This specialized pipe performs great on fast tracks for riders who crave additional mid range and a higher RPM power. The FMF Rev Pipe is a must have for 60, 80, and 125 riders that thrive on trackable power delivery and improved peak performance output.

Gnarly Gnarly Power and burly construction makes the FMF Gnarly the strongest, best performing pipe off-road pipe on the market. But the real meat behind the muscle is the material. Beefy 18 gauge US steel makes this the toughest material in our pipe selection. Strong and rugged, this aggressive pipe dishes out handfuls of torque and bottom to mid range pull needed for late model 200cc through 500cc machines and the rigors of the off road domain.

The FMF Gnarly is everything the name implies with performance gains well focused towards bottom and mid power with the goal being increased tractability. This makes the Gnarly an excellent off-road pipe and superb for tighter mx tracks.

FMF Pipes Year / Model Availability Chart

KTM 380 SX
KTM 380 SX
KTM 380 SX
KTM 380 SX
KTM 380 SX
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