Siemens Smart Chopper

Other Options

Looking for something less expensive? Want something that does even more? This is a pretty basic chopper, but if you want to spend a little bit less, check out the Manual Food Processor.

It is very similar, but does not come with a side handle or pouring spout. For something with more attachments, check out the Ultra Chef Express or the The Kitchen Plus .

What To Use It On

Chop and mix your food all at once. It’s awesome for saving time and frustration when dicing a single vegetable, but it becomes even more amazing when you use it to full ability. The possibilities are nearly endless with this machine.

Chop onions without crying, create a signature salsa and so much more. The completely enclosed design contains smells, and prevents messes because everything remains inside instead of on your hands, in your eyes, or all over the counter. Check out the list of things it can do below, but use for other similar tasks as well.




Chopped Garlic, carrots, celery, fresh herbs, nuts, eggs, lettuce, cabbage, meat and more.

Fruit Sauces

Baby Food


Veggie and Chip Dips







Pancakes Waffles


Whipped Toppings

Cake Mixes


How To Use It

Perfect for fruit, vegetables, meats, liquids and more. This tool will dice, whip, blend and mix with the two different blade inserts, and it will dry lettuce and other greens when you use the spinner basket. The metal blade has a triple blade design, while the plastic, whipping one only has two. Prepare fluffy desserts, mix omelettes for breakfast, cut onions without tears, or create your own salsas and dressings from scratch.

The integrated egg separator simplifies preparation of meringues and custards, and makes it easy to cook with egg whites. Your food will be chopped much faster than by hand, and there is very little mess in comparison. All of the odors and small pieces will be contained within the unit so your counter top will stay clean, and pungent vegetables won’t affect you.

Add multiple ingredients at the same time to chop and mix all at once.

To prepare for use, choose the blade you want and place at the bottom of the bowl.

Siemens Smart Chopper

Add in your ingredients. It can be a single veggie, or multiple ingredients that you will chop and mix together.

Place the lid on top, and secure in place by turning clockwise.

Attach the turn handle by firmly pressing it into position on the top of the lid.

To chop, place one hand on the crank at the top, and the other on the lid, over the egg separator. Do not hold the side handle when cutting. It is for serving.

Simply turn the handle to chop. The faster you turn, the quicker the results. This model has a triple blade with serrated edge on one side, and a scalpel blade on the other side. No matter which way you turn, chopping will occur.

For maximum power, make a slight turn to the left prior to turning clockwise.

Use the pouring spout and side handle to pour out liquids or serve dressings.

To use the salad spinner, insert instead of blade at the bottom of the container. Fill with wet greens, apply lid, and then turn handle to spin out moisture.

To use the egg separator, crack your egg on the bridge portion. Let the egg flow in, and shake back and forth to ensure everything is inside. The yolk will remain at the top, and the whites will fall inside the bowl.

With the removable part off, you can also use the egg separator part to add liquids as you chop.

Hand wash, or place on top rack or dishwasher for cleaning.

This tool makes cumbersome electric processors a thing of the past by giving you the same power and results at a fraction of the cost. Most people don’t need a fancy machine for the amount they will use it, and this one will produce similar results at a much lower price, and it is incredibly simple to use, and easy to clean. There is no electricity involved in operating this gourmet food chopper either.

That means increased safety, simplicity and portability. Cleanup is simple too. Just open the top and rinse clean, or place it in the dishwasher on the top rack for washing.

The compact design allows for easy storage, and because all pieces nest within each other, it will fit conveniently in a cupboard when not in use.

Stop wasting energy with lower quality imitations, and don’t go for an expensive model when its not necessary. This versatile tool will chop cabbage for coleslaw, dice potatoes for hash browns, cut onions and celery for macaroni or potato salad and so much more. Use it for pancakes, pastries, sauces, batters, and all sorts of other stuff.

With its collection of convenient attachments, the Miracle Chopper makes cooking and baking easy for even the most inexperienced cook. Buy it to make salsa at home, and discover the endless number of ways this great chopper can save you time and make food preparation easy. Order Yours Today!

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