Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01

Suzuki Burgman 650

The most available large-displacement scooter is the Suzuki Burgman. First released in 2003, the Burgman is considered a touring scooter. The Suzuki Burgman features a liquid cooled twin cylinder engine that utilizes liquid cooling for optimum cooling efficiency, as well as disc brakes both front and rear.

The upgraded Executive Burgman trim level features a power adjustable wind screen and anti-lock brakes.

Piaggio Gilera GP 800

The Piaggio Gilera GP800 is a Europe-only limited production 839cc sport scooter with the current claim of being the fastest, most powerful production scooter in existence. Though not available for U.S. buyers, the Piaggio Gilera has rocked the scooter world with its distinctly sporty look and powerful 75-horsepower engine.

The 90-degree V twin engine boasts four valves per cylinder for optimum fuel efficiency, as well as an automatic shifted continuously variable transmission, meaning there are no gears in the transmission and the acceleration is utterly seamless until the highest gear ratio is attained. In a departure for scooters, the front of the Piaggio Gilera is fitted with dual 300-mm disc brakes, while the rear is fitted with a single 280-mm disc brake.

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Honda E4-01

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After riding your scooter around town for some time, you may realize that your small scooter’s engine needs an upgrade. Maybe it.

Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01
Honda E4-01

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