Moto Guzzi 940 Custom

Moto Guzzi Bellagio (2007-current)

MCN overall verdict

It’s been a long time since new models from Moto Guzzi were anything to get excited about and although there’s nothing radical or inspiring about the Bellagio, and it’s still mostly been assembled by raiding the parts bins, for a roadster/cruiser it’s undeniably stylish, well-equipped, has a fruity motor, fun handling and is good value, too.

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Cruiser or a Hog

I wanted a cruiser and looked at the Harleys. Tried one out and read the reviews which led me to some specifications that I wanted. I then looked at the possible bikes to choose from and found every write up on the Bellagio positive.

So I started to look around to buy one.

I have always had chains so a shaft drive would be nice. The seat had to be comftable and a reasonable ride position. Not laid back.

Economy to be able to travel some miles if it was to be used to travel over Europe.

I wanted the bike to look good and was attracted to the Bellagio. Most models are sold quickly. I found a 2010 luxury in the white and silver colour with a fly screen and Moto Guzzi leather panniers fitted. It only had a thousand miles on the clock.

I have now covered five thousand miles and feel that I know all its good and bad.

I find the good things are that the bike handles and accelerates in comparison to other models that I have owned. Mine at first did not handle until I altered the suspension settings front and back to standard. Then adjusted until it was correct for me and the roads.

Moto Guzzi 940 Custom

The seat is very comftable and would make a good tourer. Fuel economy is very good. I have managed an average of 56mpg compared to my last bike of 45mpg.

The pannier bags and screen help make it a practical bike to carry the lunch bag to work and to keep some wind off the face when travelling around motorway speeds.

The Things that need improvement are the light switch on the left hand side. The indicator is in the place of where the horn normally is. This causes problems as most bikes have the indicator and horn in opposite places.

When I have gone to use the horn, I have hit the indicator.

The speedo has two trip counters and a mpg recording. This is very handy keeping a note of the miles from filling up or on a trip to keep the note of miles covered. The niggle is when the fuel tank is low and is on reserve. The speedo changes to miles left on reserve.

The reserve seems to come on too early and I have managed to cover some 40 miles on reserve. From working out roughly this could be as much as four litres in reserve.

I have a blog which I keep updated although compared to my other bikes. The reliable bikes of today. There is very little to write about.

Moto Guzzi 940 Custom
Moto Guzzi 940 Custom

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