Yamaha Majesty Special Concept

Motorbike: Yamaha Scooter 2012 Majesty pictures and specifications

Yamaha Scooter 2012 Majesty cinema as good as specifications a singular of motorbike parts details. Here motorcycles as good as motor bike information, happy to read Yamaha Scooter 2012 Majesty cinema as good as specifications information.

Yamaha Scooter pictures, review as good as specifications


US MSRP Price: $ 6,750 (Charcoal) Available from August, 2011


Fuel Capacity 3.7 gal

Fuel Economy** 50 mpg

Wet Weight*** 467 lb


Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)

2012 Yamaha Majesty Review

Ready to go over city streets with punchy opening as good as unsentimental features galore.

King of a road.

With entirely involuntary transmission, pull symbol electric begin as good as imperishable 4-stroke engine, a 2012 Yamaha Majesty manners both a categorical categorical road as good as a scenic track royally.

The 2012 Yamaha Majesty, a singular of a 2 maxi-scooters in a line-up. The 395cc Majesty pumps out a energy of a motorcycle with a preference as good as joy of a scooter. Offering a entirely involuntary transmission, good continue protection, as good as tons of room for a newcomer as good as gear, a 2012 Majesty breaks a transitory scooter distinctive nature as good as is entirely categorical categorical road capable.

On a road, a lush as good as worldly Majesty is indeed a prince. But at a gas pump, you’ll pay…well, similar to a pauper.

Enjoy lots of manageable energy whilst we journey facilely in joy around a city or on a highway. Convenient involuntary “gas it as good as go” delivery as good as forlorn continue word are features of this class-leading “maxi” scooter. With copiousness of room for a passenger, as good as outrageous storage space for all of your gear – not to discuss a energy to pull it, interjection to a 395cc, 4-valve, 4-stroke engine – a Majesty will have we smiling ride after ride.

The Majesty is entirely categorical categorical road capable, even with 2 aboard!

The 2012 Majesty is a high-tech transport territory which blurs a bounds between scooter as good as motorcycle – rarely practical performance. The rugged, arguable as good as absolute 395cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine as good as entirely involuntary delivery meant there is some-more than sufficient energy to run at categorical categorical road speeds, with room for identical tiwn as good as copiousness of storage space.

The electronic fuel injection delivers glorious stifle reply as good as low-maintenance reliability, whilst a identical tiwn cover air box, air injection complement as good as empty matter record revoke air pollution. The aluminum, die-cast amalgamate categorical support with steel blood vessel underling support is light as good as firm for increasing opening as good as handling. Full orchestration includes an analog speedometer as good as tachometer, along with an LCD multifunction arrangement which includes a fuel gaug e, coolant feverishness gauge, ambient feverishness gauge, as good as V-belt as good as oil indicator lights.

2012 Yamaha Majesty Features as good as Benefits


• Fuel Consumption * 21.5kpl/61mpg Imp. / 50 mpg US

• 395cc, 4-stroke

• Huge underseat storage

1. This high-tech transport territory blurs a bounds between scooter as good as motorcycle—highly practical performance.

2. Rugged as good as arguable four-stroke engine as good as entirely involuntary delivery meant strike a starter symbol as good as go.

3. There’s some-more than sufficient energy to run at categorical categorical road speeds, room for identical tiwn as good as copiousness of storage space.

4. The Majesty achieves fuel manage to buy up to an estimated 50 mpg* with a fuel tank which binds 3.7 gallons of gas.


Peppy, 395cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke, singular cylinder engine produces glorious categorical categorical road able energy as good as implausible fuel economy. Top speed of a Majesty 400 is over 150 km/h, creation it a good city as good as categorical categorical road able commuter.

Fuel expenditure of 21.5 kpl or 61 mpg. Your tangible expenditure might vary.

Liquid cooling maintains unchanging engine temperatures even whilst waiting at stoplights or in traffic, for limit opening as good as lengthened engine life.

Convenient electric starting with involuntary decompression complement equates to fast, arguable starting.

Automatic cam sequence tensioner reduces both upkeep chores as good as involuntary engine noise.

Single pivot engine counterbalancer minimizes quivering to show off rider as good as newcomer comfort. This is a singular well-spoken using scoot.

4-valve cylinder conduct pattern provides best respirating potency for good engine performance. Highway speeds are simply accessible with this absolute engine.

Suction piston-type 38mm stifle physique fuel injection provides crisp, purify stifle reply with glorious fuel manage to buy as good as marked down empty emissions. The complement additionally features a stifle on all sides sensor (T.P.S.) which provides report to a ECU to yield a many correct ignition timing probable for limit opening at all rpms. Special resting speed carry out equates to there is no need to regulate a idle… a special motor regulates resting speed.

The F.I. complement uses a twelve hole injector for glorious fuel atomization as good as some-more finish combustion. The injector is located downstream of a stifle physique in a money coming in manifold.

Electric fuel siphon is mounted inside a fuel tank to yield unchanging upsurge of fuel.

Rear-mounted radiator is assisted by an electric air blower to say unchanging engine temperatures even whilst waiting in stop-and-go traffic.

Dual air box with identical tiwn air filters provides limit opening as good as glorious air filtering qualities to magnify engine life.

Fully involuntary V-belt delivery ensures easy, twist-the-throttle-and-go operation.

Maintenance-free digital TCI ignition complement provides a precise, high-voltage hint for seamless engine performance, certain starts as good as glorious reliability.

Air Induction System (A.I.S.) reduces empty emissions for a really clean, environmentally accessible engine. The A.I.S. complement reduces hydrocarbons as good as CO monoxide emissions by injecting uninformed air in to a empty pier to utterly bake any unburned gases in a exhaust. This pattern engine simply meets a EU-3 European glimmer standards.

Environmentally scarf not usually produces a still empty note though additionally features a catalytic converter which reduces damaging hydrocarbons as good as nitrous oxide empty emissions.

Final expostulate is around a clean, quiet, double-cog V-belt.


Yamaha Majesty Special Concept
Yamaha Majesty Special Concept

Open, step-through, backbone-style, aluminum as good as steel support pattern allows fast, easy ascent as good as dismounting. The top apportionment of a support (rear section) utilizes Yamaha’s tranquil stuffing die-cast record for good strength with light weight.

Trailing spindle 41mm hydraulic front flare with 120mm (4.7″) of wheel transport delivers good bump-absorbing opening as good as good rider as good as newcomer comfort.

Adjustable identical tiwn startle rear cessation features 104mm (4.1″) of wheel transport whilst on condition which a plush, gentle ride. Shocks suggest 5-way open preload adjustability, permitting rider to tailor cessation for load.

267mm front front stop with identical tiwn piston caliper provides glorious interlude power.

267mm rear front with singular piston caliper provides strong, arguable interlude power.

Special pattern parking stop provides a single more certainty when parking a Majesty on sloped ground. A accessible handlebar-mounted push activates a rear stop to forestall a territory from moving. The push is written to meddle with a left handlebar to forestall a territory from being ridden with a play ground stop activated.

Rugged, expel aluminum, “mag style” wheels are propitious with tubeless tires. Front wheel distance is MT3.00X14 with 120/80-14 tubeless tire as good as rear wheel distance is MT4.00-13 propitious with a 150/70-13 tubeless tire.

Roomy, 2-person chair ensures glorious comfort. Rider as good as newcomer back supports serve raise comfort. The rider apportionment of a chair can be practiced brazen or back to supplement or revoke leg room.

Huge, 60-litre, locking underseat storage cell can simply reason identical tiwn (2) full-face helmets. A self-centredness light is supposing in a rear territory of a case for combined convenience.

Additional storage can additionally be found in a front area of a rider cockpit. There is a singular incomparable lockable cell as good as a singular not as big non-lockable compartment.

Specially written windshield with laminar upsurge venting (this opening helps revoke a opening outcome usual with many windshield designs) provides glorious breeze as good as continue protection.

Dual 60/55-watt halogen headlights yield a splendid lamp of light as good as which sleek, cat-eye image.

Bright, eye-catching LED taillight

Stylish front apron as good as floorboards yield glorious dash as good as breeze word as good as highlights a Majesty’s organic side.

Instrumentation includes analog tachometer as good as speedometer with digital odometer, identical tiwn tripmeters, fuel tripmeter, fuel gauge, outward air feverishness as good as coolant temperature. The orchestration additionally includes a V-belt wear indicator light as good as an oil shift indicator light.


• Special-access row for hint block as good as alternative comparison engine components

• Convenient newcomer squeeze rail is integrated in to a rear bodywork.

• Push-to-cancel-type spin signals

• Easy-to-use centre mount as good as side stand

• Side mount reserve lock-out switch prevents territory from being ridden when side mount is down.

• 3-in-1 categorical ignition switch combines a ignition, flare close as good as underseat storage cell close in to a singular accessible switch.

• Low-maintenance, hermetic battery

• Locking fuel top is dark by special-access row located nearby a operator’s feet.

• Stylish feverishness defense on scarf protects rider as good as newcomer from hot components.

Yamaha Majesty Special Concept
Yamaha Majesty Special Concept
Yamaha Majesty Special Concept
Yamaha Majesty Special Concept
Yamaha Majesty Special Concept
Yamaha Majesty Special Concept
Yamaha Majesty Special Concept
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