Yamaha YBR 250

Yamaha YBR250: Equitable quasi Utility

January 17, 2012 | Filed under: Yamaha | Posted by: Rana Abaidullah

Made in Brazil, Yamaha YBR250 represents the utility in the sense of the term. Easy, it is proving very economical to use and small motor shown good will. But its price is nothing fair!

Yamaha YBR250: The complete test

There are utilities such as these bikes are in a dream sometimes that is simple and effective, only the less wealthy countries are able to produce. In Brazil, for example, countries where the bike is still for many people the only means of transport, the Japanese manufacturers ( Honda and Yamaha factory in Manaus ) only manufacture small displacement models, strong and economical. A culture radically different from ours, which often go hand in hand with large displacement motorcycle, sophistication and power.

Diverted from Brazil, his home country, and presented for the first time at Inter mot in Cologne last year, the Yamaha YBR 750 is intended for everyday use and utility.

It relies, in the style and philosophy, its little sister the Yamaha YBR 125 . which is very successful here. Its technical features found one ( now ) rare simplicity: it has indeed a single-cylinder air-cooled, a classic steel frame, a mixed braking ( front disc and rear drum )of tires with reduced dimensions and a pool of more than 19 liters.

In contrast, some sophistication as the catalytic converter, fuel injection or a dashboard with fuel gauge, tachometer and hour contrast with this apparent simplicity. Our small YBR must indeed meet European pollution standards and meet some users’ needs in southern Europe. Besides France, the Yamaha YBR250 is also imported in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and some countries of the former Eastern bloc. The only snag is the price, which varies greatly from country to country.

In Spain for example, it costs € 3,990, while in France it is proposed to € 4 490 … Annoying, even if it is true that in the land of Don Quixote, the Honda CB 250 carburetor (€ 3500) it will compete with us when it lands on a virgin land.

Good in town …

Small, light, easy on the eyes, the Yamaha YBR250 combines all the qualities to attract motorcycle enthusiasts with a simple retro touch. The grip is no problem, even for beginners and smaller, because the seat height is contained ( it is becoming more closely ) and the maximum power of the engine ( 21 hp. ) Reasonable. But the most surprising, once started, are handling the bike and the softness of the engine / transmission.

It manages to sneak around with ease and it goes on acceleration and gear changes smoothly. A first contact so pleasant, with the impression of having always led the bike and be able to dominate in all circumstances. Almost all orders, whether the levers, the brake pedal or the stalks, fall perfectly.

There are even a call from the lighthouse, a small compartment under the seat and mirrors really work. The driving position calls for no criticism. especially if you do not exceed 1.70 m.

Rated motor behavior, if the small 250 cm3 certainly not only shines by its maximum power, but it ensures acceleration really interesting city. Nothing to do with at least 125 on the market. The difference in displacement is perceived especially in the midrange.

The single has a broad operating range ( red zone at 10 000 rev / min ) but it provides authorization and optimum efficiency in a regime between 4500 r / min and 7500 r / min. The gearbox in turn is fairly firm but precise and the clutch is forgotten by its progressiveness and its softness. Side suspensions, there is a relatively comfortable rear shock, provided to adjust the spring preload to more flexible, and a fork a little too soft but still unable to absorb small bumps.

Certainly due to a defect in the low progressivity of spring more than the viscosity of the oil.

Excellent, however, the choice of tires 100 mm and 130 mm ( width ) . as well in line with the performance and weight of the bike. The rear drum brake convinces in both escalation in power, it is very difficult to block the wheel. Unfortunately, the lack of front teeth and must be drawn accordingly if you want to perform an emergency stop.

But in this case, the flexibility of the fork leads you straight to a stop!

On motorways and other devices ( often limited to 80 or 110 km / h ), the Yamaha YBR250 runs at ease with its engine and its extension times. Overruns are more secure with a 125 cm3 and the speed of 130 km / h is reached the counter fast enough. It can even go up to 145 km / h at 9500 rev / min, but is this really his vocation?

… and even on the road!

Yamaha YBR 250
Yamaha YBR 250

With a bright sun that lights this Saturday in June, why not go for a little trip to the country? After all, a 250 cm3 is also made for that. Carefully avoiding the main roads, the small YBR rolling towards the Bay of Somme, its final destination through the small roads Picardy pretty dirty and sometimes not very Catholic side coating.

The little Brazilian seems to honor the great outdoors of his country ( which I have never been to confirm also, NDR ). At 90 km / h, the tachometer shows 6000 rev / min, “ everything is going well “, with a few bumps in the injection when speed is stabilized and the mechanics did not reach the temperature normal use.

The engine noise is round and the few crows along the road do not seem frightened by the sound of the exhaust. To this end, the driver must keep in mind the width of the handlebars, sometimes disabling in the passages closer. Fortunately, placed above the mirrors of cars, it will not hurt them.

With a high-pitched driving position, the driver dominates the circulation: the visibility is optimal. The very large mirrors deserve to be placed over the outside in order to optimize the view to the rear. The softness of commands ( gearbox and clutch in particular ) provides a welcome flow of conduct in a typical batch traffic flow in urban areas.

For emergencies, the front brake double disc “ petals “ been effective and stops the machine for a short distance. Easy to measure, braking can be supported by an ABS system also effective in the catalog of options.

New start with a full stomach this time. The road is still enjoyable and the D 901, our Brazilian Yamaha has no trouble exceeding some large trucks tractors and other premises. Just stay a little behind, above 4000 rev / min and wait for the car in front has passed to open wide the throttle. Winding in parts of the same county, it is surprising even to attack.

The Pirelli Sport Demon are not bad at all and the bike remains online, even at “ high speed “. The chassis is fairly stiff and the rear shock fully assume its role. Brake side, however, it is better to anticipate these speeds, especially with a load or duo. Hourdel in Cape Town, a German couple traveling with a 1982 Honda CX looks small YBR curiously.

It will never be imported home. I already beginning to cogitate on how best to graft suitcases …

Under the spell

The Yamaha YBR250 is simple and unique in the market, which is for all those who want a real motorcycle, economic and uneventful. For ease, low weight and economy of use, it could attract young allowed. But those that might entice the most is the “ old motorcycle “ . In other words, all those who, over the years have moved away from the bike, but would like to get back to a second machine for every day or those who like to look after themselves mechanics.

Here, apart from the injection, everything is simple and accessible. The purchase price may, however, to spoil his good points. A € 4 490 (at 12/06/07) it is in direct competition with a GS 500 Suzuki twin for example, another great bike, but much more powerful …

Yamaha YBR 250
Yamaha YBR 250
Yamaha YBR 250
Yamaha YBR 250
Yamaha YBR 250
Yamaha YBR 250
Yamaha YBR 250
Yamaha YBR 250
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