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Motorcycle Cruise Control

Motorcycle Cruise Control Review

by Shawn Cochran for



Motorcycle Cruise Control makes a terrific motorcycle-specific aftermarket option for a lot of different makes and models of motorcycles.

Their customer service and manufacturing quality exceed my expectations substantially.


I keep thinking What can I add to the motorcycle that will make the riding experience better?

It seems like I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

There are two major things that make a long ride less enjoyable:

1.) An uncomfortable saddle and 2.) A wrist cramp.

This article focuses on the latter. I’ve played around over the years with a few different throttle locks and grip modifications to help hold the speed on my bike.

Honda T2

These work, after a fashion, but they’re not as effective as a real cruise control. There are lots of manufacturers of touring-class motorcycles that offer cruise control. Sadly, my model Honda isn’t one of them.

In the interest of science, and perhaps due to my own desire to travel as comfortably as possible, I made the decision to research options for adding an electronic cruise control. I found a few articles on adapting an automotive-specific Audiovox CCS-100 to my motorcycle — I even spent the meager amount on the parts and gave it a whirl.

Sadly, it produced mixed results. I read plenty of places where folks were able to get the cruise control working on their motorcycle; but I just decided that kludging something together wasn’t an option I really wanted to go with. I’d rather not be in the middle of nowhere when the cruise control decides to give up the ghost, leaving me with few options.

After a little more research, I located Motorcycle Cruise Control in Australia. Yep — the land Down Under. I know it was a stretch, but their website included detailed articles on their cruise controls and more importantly, their units were made exclusively for motorcycles.

As I was getting ready to leave for a 2,700 mile journey in a week, I decided to give their unit a try.

I want to start this section with a disclaimer: the folks at Motorcycle Cruise Control are fantastic. They provided nothing but prompt, friendly customer service. I can’t say enough about them.

But any time someone starts a paragraph like that, you probably know what’s coming next. Indeed.

Disassembling and assembling the bike took a lot of time.

Honda T2
Honda T2
Honda T2
Honda T2
Honda T2

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