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I have sold literaly hundreds of these in a previous listing which I inadvertantly allowed to lapse and lost the history so buy in confidence.

The easy way to cross check is if your bike uses a Hi-Flo HF163 or HF160 filter then this is the correct tool.

BMW supply a tool like this but it is over £40 so make a big saving by buying this one.

I supply all the service items for most BMW bikes along with specialist tools you need to make servicing easy and will last a lifetime

The oil filler cap removing tool is very useful along with the plug cap/ coil puller. see my other items in my shop.

I also sell the same type of tool to fit most other models from 2004 onwards like the R1200 variants such as the GS, RT and later K Series bikes see my shop for detail.

I can ship worldwide !

My name is Martin Iles and up until February of 2012 and for the previous 28 years I was the owner of Bristol Motorrad and the well known Bath Road Motorcycles dealerships and was the BMW main agent in Bristol since 1989 until I ( now semi ) retired .Lol .

Anyway I soon got bored with retirement and having a vast experience and many many trade connections (indeed many dealers nationwide use me to either underwrite stock or help them source stock) I decided to devote some of my time to bringing to you some of the best used bikes, parts and accessories (new and used ) via ebay etc at prices that will save you many £££££ over a dealer visit. In the past few months I have supplied bikes and parts as far a field as Bulgaria,Belgium, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Lithuania,Finland, Germany,Norway, Sweden.

Portugal. New Zealand ,The Falkland Islands, Malaysia. Israel. Irish Republic. Slovenia, Australia, Poland, Slovakia,Turkey.

Greece Northern Ireland, South Africa, Russia, ( sorry if its getting boring as the list gets longer ) as well as all around the rest of the UK. I have 100 % feedback.

I will consider a part exchange of any make / model so long as your bike is in good condition. give me a call / email please.

So if you want a particular bike I can help. Many of my former customers ask me to find them a bike which I can do as I have access to stocks nationwide and usually at a price well below the showroom price. I never ask for money up front and will offer a 7 day full refund if not entirely happy.

You cannot get fairer than that.

Please see my weekly advertisment in MCN which states I buy BMW bikes (also now Harley ) but I also buy any make of bike for more info call me on 07968 306027 or email


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