Suzuki DR 100

Parabellum Suzuki DR650SE Windshield (1997- )


Introducing a Parabellum Windshield for Suzuki DR650SE (1997- )

Add long distance sport touring comfort to your dual purpose Suzuki with a lightweight, easy bolt-on installation (4 bolts), custom tailored Parabellum windshield, NO drilling required. The smooth slender design gives quiet wind protection with good looks and 16% less aerodynamic drag for improved gas mileage and speed.

This windshield measures 23 inches for a medium and 25 inches for a tall. Those measurements are from the top of the headlight to the top of the shield.

Windshield is made of durable; optically clear (.177) aircraft acrylic in clear or tint.

Try it at our risk for 30days; if you don’t like it for any reason we will cheerfully refund your money with no hard feelings!

All Parabellum windshields are guaranteed for one year.

O.k, guys, here it is: the in-depth review for the Parabellum windshield.

I received the windshield approximately one week after ordering it. The windshield was packed real well with bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts. The windshield is really good stuff; high quality,thick, and sturdy. It took approximately 40 minutes or so to attach the windshield to my bike (it attaches to the handlebars and upper triple clamps with accompanying hardware), and the installation could have been even quicker had I not been doing the work alone.

I need to loosen the hardware and make a minor position adjustment to the windshield, but I was too excited and took off the minute that I got it firmly bolted on. It has been extremely windy here in Houston for the last few days. I got into the HOV lane and took the DR up to 85 m.p.h. to check for sail effect or any changes to handling.

My fears were not confirmed, but instead, I was rewarded with a very comfortable ride with no noticeable changes in handling. I wear a dirt helmet, and as such, received a little wind buffet at about eyebrow level (I’m 6’1). If I were to switch to a standard street helmet, which I would do for a long trip (long by DR standards – 100+ miles), this would probably cut all the wind buffeting out. I’m really happy with this windshield!

I’ll be checking for the next few months and will report back if any signs of cracking, etc. develop. but I highly recommend this as an aftermarket accessory for the DR. I can actually take the bike on the freeway and come home less tired from fighting the wind. While in the HOV lane, it was so quiet and relaxing that I stood up on my pegs to see what the difference was and could tell immediately the difference that it had made thanks to an immediate blast of turbulence.

The windshield can be removed fairly easily as well, helping to retain your re-sale value, and to remove it for dirt riding without going through a big process. Good stuff.

Suzuki DR 100
Suzuki DR 100
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