Suzuki AH 50

Suzuki AH 50

A Short History of the Suzuki AH 50.

Released in 1992, the Suzuki AH50 scooter was designed in Europe as small, fun scooter. At just 60 kgs, this was definitely the baby of Suzuki’s AH series, which included both 100 and 125 cc models. As the name clearly suggests, the AH 50 was powered by a small 49cc engine.

This was another in a line of air-cooled two-stroke engines found in Suzuki two-wheelers since the 1960s.

Suzuki’s engineers managed to squeeze 6.5 bhp out of the 49cc unit, which is quite a lot for a 60 kg bike! The automatic transmission allowed just about anyone to start riding immediately. With its 10 inch tubeless wheels and low wheelbase, it was easy to handle. It wasn’t long before the Suzuki AH 50 became popular with younger riders looking for a legal scooter that responded to the throttle.

In fact, European motor enthusiasts went about tweaking the performance to new levels with custom parts and mods. At least one Italian company offered kits that let bikers improve acceleration and power delivery. While the factory spec scooters would often reach 70 mph, tuned up AH 50 bikes were rumoured to cross the magical 100 figure!

If you see a Suzuki AH50 on the street today, you may not recognize it as the bike with such a sporty heritage. It has the same clean lines and 90s design of the other AH-series scooters; attractive but not spectacular. However, an original 1990s AH 50 registered in the UK will have a restricted engine, based on the rider safety laws at that time.

The instrument panel was basic, providing the rider with important information in one cluster. The AH 50 even came with sensible features like with a small under-seat storage area, big enough for a rider’s helmet.

Most existing Suzuki AH50 scooters would have undergone some customization or repair. Common parts are the tiny rear view mirrors and the seat. However, an enthusiast could always choose reverse-engineer a Suzuki AH 50 back to its factory specs. Since production of the bike ceased in 1995, only a few reputed parts dealers carry genuine AH 50 parts.

Suzuki AH 50

An expert dealer can also help you identify which AH 50 parts are interchangeable with other AH-series scooters. With a little elbow grease, you can restore this scooter quite easily. Even today, a Suzuki AH 50 in good condition is an inexpensive scooter that is low on frills but pretty high on thrills!

Suzuki AH 50 Parts

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Suzuki AH 50
Suzuki AH 50
Suzuki AH 50
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