Rokon Trail-Breaker

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Junkyard Junkeez: cool how you got him to start it and then he showed what it can do. another great vid!

Cancelled FOR GOOD: Fair play to him. he gave you a good demo on it. and its not for sale.

dirtbike5100: @dirtbike5100 Nevermind, just got my answer!

805ROADKING: @vidman008 You should have bought it Buddy. You and Gandhi would have had alotta fun cruisin’ around the great state of TX eh!!☺

krazy45cat: I remember those in popular mechanics magazine. very cool .

805ROADKING: @SpiritsoftheWolf Yeah that thing would be sick in the snow!!☺

805ROADKING: @damagebrain1 Yeah it was an Antique engine and Tractor show in Pennsylvania!!☺

805ROADKING: @BrittanyNicole1990 Yeah i could have some fun with that eh!!☺

2024JayZ: That is cool I only saw the one on Pawn Stars as well Looks like there are a lot of them by all the videos popping up on the side

ils360: i have allwas wanted one of those

805ROADKING: @ils360 yeah it would be fun to own one of them!!☺

GreggFLA: Now that was cool! What a little power house that thing is. It has one of them kick starts that breaks legs lol.


RamblinAround: I saw that episode with Rick Dale. I think I’d want the enclosed wheels so, it could float and carry extra fuel. I’ve always thought they were pretty cool.

I just wish they could go a little faster though.

805ROADKING: @2024JayZ Yeah this Dude owned 4 of them, plus they still make them. They’re not really as rare as PS made it sound!!☺

creamofcardstv: good for rough dirt track biking

ShovelGuyRy: There where made in my town of gonic

805ROADKING: @cameramonkey2 I bet. that thing is 41years old!!☺

dirtbike5100: It it pull start and kick start?

Darklordkime: My nabor had two of these, they were so slow but no one cared they were so fun to ride. there wasnt a hill or rock that couldnt be conquerd

HealeyCopter: @MrBlueroads while fixing up my 1st’ Rokon(1968) 3 years ago I forgot to put the clip on the rear chain when i re-installed it (whoops). Anyway while taking out for test drive i heard a thump looked back to see the rear chain on the ground 20 feet back. For a second there I began to push it home then – hello. this is 2 wheel drive, so I just started it up drove a quarter mile back to the garage