Royal Enfield Bullet 500 S Clubman

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irbaileyus: Because its made in india its obviously made in a sweatshop, thats some well informed logic you got yourself there.

willstaunton1: top speed of the enfield electra is 85 so im guessing this will be the same. love the look of it. my dream bike. (not TO expensive either) 5100ВЈ its also obvious that blokes not pushing it. little go,little stop and big vibes, LOTS OF fun. its also not high maintenence – its been made reliable with modernistation. love it. =D

Karma Tenpa: trust me the yamaha,kawasaki etc sports bike wich sell at 3-4k offshore. are about 12,00,000rs. here in india.

polskich: the point is they are to expensive for something knocked out in an indian sweat shop

neothespian: As a professed Vespa guy. this bike has TOTALLY tempted me! It sounds FANTASTIC, looks awesome and is just as simple as it gets. Seen a very few here in Arizona, but it only makes me want one more. The closest thing we’ve had to real motorcycles that aren’t overweight, tarted up Harleys are Triumph and vintage Honda, and those keep getting cut up with this whole bobber craze hitting the US. New dream bike here as well.

THIS is what I’ve been looking for.

acidangelster: I agree with everything u said sir. but they defo are not cheaper than the jap bikes.I m from India,these babies cost rs 90,000 minimum (basic model with no electric start and front discs. i.e enfield std 350). But for the same price we have other cheaper alternatives from Yamaha and suzuki.And I also understand that these babies cost twice as much outside of India (the export model)

neothespian: @deadagentdon But, at least we get a simple fuel injection system, a front disc brake and electric start. Seriously, after riding a Vespa GTS I could NOT get used to the sissy auto-transmission, but that FI was a VERY nice thing on cold days! Thankfully Royal Enfield kept those improvements to the bare minimum which simply means we can ride more now

paranoidnutter: not an indian though, i’ll through the daughter in

DJB41N5: I love the sound of this bike!

Harper Reese: Amazing bike I’m stuck with a cafe moped

OpticianOfUrza: If this sounds great then you will drool if you hear the latest Woodman model from Royal Enfield.

Karma Tenpa: i guess we still live in the era of snake charmers and elephants. huh. pitty u people,developed country’s citizens. well i must say u guys have some real logic there. get some education.

mavelious: this is a high maintanance bike with old engneering, but it is classic and cheap to buy compared to the jap bikes. beautiful riding position, sound, looks and feel. but not a sporty bike.

Dave B: we have an NSU MAX 1cilinder 4 stroke 250 cc. Goes around 110 but with the sidecar attached it goes like 85. Awesome to drive! ;d Nice video by the way

dirtyjew1974: well no. its not a sports bike,its a cruiser but if you look into the enfields they are highly reliable and very low maintanance, the later models have a bit of modern technoligy also but all while keeping the classic look. they have digital electric fuel injection, and also get a minimal of 75mph. the top speed isnt high but who needs to go 100mph anyway. these bikes have a great history and alot of character unlike the bikes of today.

dirtyjew1974: my dream bike is the royal enfield bullet G5 millitary bike with the solo seat and in the olive drab color. I just lovvvve that bike! its so nastalgiac and has the ww2 look! the enfields have a great history and from what ive read a very good dependable bike and although the top speed isnt high. who needs to go that fast on a bike anyway if they only wanna cruise. I hope you get your bike one day bud and i hope i get mine too!

robalsager: import one then?

Steven Kirk: Your missing the point

HotelBushranger: motorcycling was really meant for: riding Abso-bloody-lutely mate.

enfieldchopper: Great vintage looks, but i wish there was an option for a bigger twin.

Assking93: A lot of people here are still waiting for affordable retro bikes with displacement larger than 250cc. I desperately want one of this everytime i saw ads in calssic bike magazines. These little agile clubmans are cooler and more praticle than superbikes in city. You are REALLY lucky. but I, been poor have only my dreams I have spread my dreams under your saddle ride softly because you are riding on my dream bike :p

thra5herxb12s: @jamesonhenket Of course it can overtake. It can take dustcarts and milkcarts and any G-whizz. But yes it would be nice to hear it ridden a little harder. I think it would be fun on a small race circuit because you wouldnt need to close the throttle.

Oh yes I just bought a new efi classic for my girlfriend because I would be worried if she rode fast.

Donald MacGregor: Royal Enfields are a testament to what motorcycling was really meant for: riding. I love the low compression, the look, the sound, the beauty, the simplicity, and how untouched by time and modern flare. These bikes are beyond practical.

marquee6: That is what it is all about.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 S Clubman

sxcshawtyxx: Got one just the same and LOVE IT! Great value, Great fun, Great bike.

jaythefatty: damn i want one of those.

TRUFFLEHOUNDEXPRESS: Great video. I was on the phone to my bank the other day (a call centre in India) and, for various reasons, the subect of Royal Enfields came up. The Indian chap was incredulous when I told him how much we pay for the machines in the UK (accepting the technical variations).

Nevertheless, I’m still tempted.

jamesonhenket: lovely bike. sad it can’t overtake, would have interesting to here it under load .

david pais: bullet da jawab nahi. look it up.

vampireno: Don’t worry my friend, someday you’ll get your dream bike. I swear that =)

hobocos: this one has front disc brakes it stops ok

paranoidnutter: my 350 bullet was the best bike i owned, back in 73 in s london, think it was about a 60 model, cost me 50 quid, not the fastest or best handling, but so nice. till i blew it up. dam it. 54 now, and i been looking for one in australia now for ages, can’t get them easily, i’d like the 500cc though, so if anyone’s got one, i’ll swap it for the wife

Assking93: Too bad that they don’t sell it in Taiwan. The only Big single bike here is CB400SS, and they are extremely rare expensive. Some say they only imported about 30 bikes.

The only choice we have now is Triumph bikes,but they are really expensive in Taiwan. Thruxton EFI with a crazy price tag of 11090 quid,almost 4000 more than in GB.

Matt Rayner: Way to travel my friend

polskich: Its far to expensive a 650 bandits cheaper, faster and reliable, this enfield is designed for a 7 stone short ass, its no use to anyone else, also it would not pull a damp stick out of a donkeys ass.


Royal Enfield Electra Clubman Cafe Racer 4.7 out of 5

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