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It sounds as if it simply didn’t like getting wet.

If you’ve got access to a water hose.

Start your bike and run water onto the spark plug.

Trace the Spark Plug Lead back to the Ignition Coil. it’s probably mounted under the petrol tank somewhere bolted to the frame.

Spray water all around onto the Coil.

These days. Ignition Systems SHOULD be water tight but sometimes they’re Not.

If Wetting the Plug or Coil while running causes the bike to die. well there ya go.

The CAUSE could be a faulty or damaged part.

Or,,it may just be the bike’s nature.

Which makes it tuff to offer a specific,certain solution.

For a Leaky Spark Plug Cap. the best solution is to Replace it with a water-tight cap.

Any motorcycle store can help you with that very cheap easy.

If the COIL getting wet is the cause of the trouble.

That gets a bit trickier.

It’s not so much that WATER gets IN and shorts it out.

It’s more a matter of ELECTRICITY GETS OUT. and the presence of water gives it a conductive path to short out.

What that Means is. trying to Seal the Coil against water dont work so well.

It may Seal WATER OUT just fine.

But it Dont seal ELECTRICITY IN.

In such cases. it needs SHIELDING/SHROUDING to keep water away from the entire general area.

If You can prove with the Water Hose Test that the problem is just from getting Wet.

It may be best to consult a shoppe for advice.

Shielding a Coil is usually an UNglamourous thing.

It can be done by nearly anyone. though it takes a Bit of Creativity and Craftiness.

A Plastic Oil Bottle or Milk Carton can be cut and trimmed to form a liitle hut or Pouch. a Cover for the Coil.

Cable ties can fasten it,,or hold different sections or flaps together.

You DONT want it totally encased.

It actually needs to be Well Open so’s Not to accumulate water.

It only needs a SHIELD to prevent Splash from reaching the coil. or wind from Blowing water onto it.

I’ve seen instances where Coil was simply removed from the bike. slipped into a small, heavy-gauge plastic bag.

Then the mounting bolts just pushed right thru the bag to refit the coil to the bike.

Test it with the water hose—that will give a good idea of what your dealing with.

Then. consult with a knowledgeable technician to make certain all the parts are in proper condition they should be.

If it’s just the ignition system’s nature. shielding it however You can should be a cheap easy fix.

However You decide to get it fixed.

Repeat the water Hose Test so You’ll be Confident the issues ARE Indeed resolved.

BEFORE the next ride in the rain.

It’s NOT unusual to find faulty spark plug caps which Leak in the rain.

Lets hope thats all it is. thats an Easy issue to resolve.

Good Luck with it,,and take care.

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